Thursday, April 8, 2010

Love & Loss (Part 8)

I don't recall why we went with a Hawaiian theme for our graduation party. It was something about saying goodbye to our class and hello to the future.

I couldn't fight the feeling the biggest chapter in my life was coming to a close. I knew this day was coming, I was almost at peace with it. Somehow being at the graduation party just ignited all my feelings at once. You know how much I love a good party, but a feeling of dread overcame me. I left the party suddenly without saying goodbye to anyone.

Perhaps leaving without even saying goodbye to Kenny or Vicki was rude but I didn't care. I just had to get away from every thing. Maybe I felt my life was coming to a close and I was choosing to leave before it left me. Maybe that doesn't make sense, but I've always been a very emotional person.

Vicki wasn't leaving for a few weeks so we spent as much time as we possibly could. Each passing day was harder and harder for me as I knew the time to spend with her was getting shorter and shorter. There were several days I wasn't even able to spend with her as she was having 'family' days with her parents before leavings. That was the most frustrating. I'd end up calling Darryl but he just wanted to talk about Jenni.

Darryl was doing his bit to be as good a friend to Jenni as he could. I warned him what might happen if she were ever to remember everything. You see, with her amnesia she was a kind, gentler Jenni. She almost had the same demeanour of when I first started dating her. I was afraid after regaining her memory she'd be more like the Jenni I grew to know, only worse.

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