Thursday, December 9, 1993

The Missing Link - VII

The three young boys
were not real old.
When their fathers warned them,
to beware of the mold.

The machines had been broken
and dismantled with care.
The scientists were careful
everything was left bare.

But three young boys
are not really smart.
They disobeyed their fathers
and reassemble they did start.

The madness began
with a terrible shock.
When the last obstacle dissolved
and so did the lock.

'The Missing Link experiment
was started anew.
The first wasn't so bad,
it was Gary Gnu.

Before their fathers
had learned what they did.
They released over a dozen
and a very strange kid.

The scientists came home
to the shock of the horror,
the mess the boys made
would make them even poorer.

They battled so bravely
but the three young boys cried.
In repulsing he threat,
the scientists died.

Their fathers were right
the three boys now say.
But this tales not quite done,
'cause one got away.

(Originally written 1993)