Saturday, April 3, 2010

Love & Loss (Part 3)

Then the inevitable happened. Why is it such a bad idea to forge a relationship so early on? Because you are still discovering yourself. As Jenni and I did so we realized we were drawing apart. I became more of a joker as she became a serious stick in the mud. Our relationship soured and we grew to despise each other.

When you break up with someone, you are supposed to do that ritual of exchanging back personal items. "I want my records back" is the classic line. I asked Jenni for any of my writing's I had lent her and she asked for nothing back. She said she doubted she would have left anything of value at my house. I suppose I should have reminded her she wrote an entry in her diary at my house and accidentally left it over.

As the rivalry between the two of us deepened, I couldn't help but to wonder if she forgot about her diary and thought she lost it, or the entries in the diary were not that important to her as they mostly centered around me. Yes, I was a cad. I read her diary. What do you expect? I was 16.

In 1987 the big news was Reagan challenging Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall. But for me, there was even bigger news. Yes, 1987 was when I met Vicki. Kenny told me about her and invited me along next time him and Laura went out. I was hesitant, for obvious reasons. It seemed he was trying to 'set me up'. He claimed I was mopey since Jenni and I broke up.

You probably think the great sorrow suddenly filling my life has something to do with Jenni and nothing with Vicki. But you'd be wrong... so wrong. The bits about Jenni have been to describe my thoughts and feelings leading up to the tragedy. Of course I'll describe it, if I can do so without breaking down in uncontrollable tears.

Part 4 of 30

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