Friday, April 16, 2010

Love & Loss (Part 16)

Originally I was bummed the flight back to Milwaukee was so early in the morning. Now I was grateful. I gathered my belongings as fast as I could. I was determined not to break down but these emotions were hard to bottle. I could feel my face flush, as I called the cab to come pick me up. I made it to the hotel lobby before I began to tear up. I wiped the tears away quickly and checked out. Stepping outside I placed my bag down to wait for my ride. Suddenly everything hit at once and I screamed out, "NO!"

I felt foolish for my outburst, foolish I couldn't contain the emotion sweeping over me. I felt foolish for thinking there would be some last minute reprieve of Vicki stopping me before I left, telling me of her love and devotion. Time for that was running out and I was coming to grips with that not going to happen. The cab stopped in front of me and I looked around, hoping beyond hope she would show up. She didn't.

I tried to figure out why I had done what I did. Back in Milwaukee the handwriting was on the wall certainly enough, I guess I had to find out for myself. I'm the kind of person who would have kept believing things were okay. I would have kept making excuses for her. In a way it was for the best, how I learned what I did. I knew that, but it didn't make me feel any better.

After arriving back at the airport, I looked around one last time. Knowing nothing was going to come of it. I paused, hesitated and closed my eyes. I fought back the last bit of emotion I was feeling. As much as I tried to stop myself I had the final hope that perhaps I'd have a message from Vicki on my answering machine back at home. Something to look forward to. I dismissed the idea, anger starting to swell inside. As I walked into the airport I swore nothing would ever bring me back to Walla Walla Washington.

You might think I was going to say Vicki showed up at the airport just as I was getting on the plane. Of course you'd be wrong. Nothing happened the entire trip back. I looked forward to getting back home. I tried to decide what would be better, resting up at home or finding out what Darryl was up to. I needed a friend and hoped he would stop by without Jenni, she was the last thing I wanted to deal with that day.

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