Sunday, July 2, 2006

Not Writing in a Long Time

July 2, 2006 - Sunday

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Well, it's been a long time since I've done a Blog entry on myspace so I figured I'd write in. It's kind of the same with me and Tegan. I have not written her in a couple months and I feel awful. But on the flip side, it's not like I haven't done any writing. Lately I've been writing for So in fact, I've actually been writing more now than I have in a long time. I should get back to writing personal stuff though. For a bit I was using my camcorder to do video journals but like most things, have not kept up with that. It's not that I get bored with things easy, sometimes I just fail to see how imformative I can be or mention something that I have not already talked about. Take Tegan for example. I love writing her, but sometimes I feel I'm just saying the same stuff over and over. 'Today Dan, Andy and I went for coffee'. 'Today I went to get some coffee with Andy and Dan'. 'You will never guess what I did today, yep I went to Borders, read a bit and had some coffee with the guys'. You know what I mean? Understand what I'm saying?

Okay, just for old time's sake I'll let you know what's been going on this weekend. I was supposed to go to see David Lee Roth at Summerfest last night but Dan, Andy, Brandon and my dad all cancelled on me. I was bummed because I was really looking forward to going, but didn't want to just go by myself. So tongiht I'm supposed to go see Pat Benetar with Andy. Let's see how that goes. Anyway, I think I'll move on for the night. I'll try to get back to writing to Tegan, if I do I'll share with you here what I tell her. Chow for now.


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