Monday, December 5, 1988

The Missing Link - II

The story of 'Sled'
is not over by far.
I forgot to mention
the part about his car.

With cymbal in hand
and pedal to foot,
he races to bars
with a head full of soot.

The scary ex-Lincoln
was once in fine state.
Being totally smashed now
there is no debate.

As 'Sled' pulls up to his house
takes the cymbal from dash,
three boys witness
him smoking his stash.

Says, "Come here", to the boys
with a wicked ol' grin.
His thoughts are not pleasant,
he dreams a big sin.

This brings us to date
with those three scientists.
'Sled' chasing them down
with his cymbal and fists.

This is where the plot thickens
as you may now know,
the scientists are the boys
of ages ago.

Getting killed by 'Sled'
is not what they meant.
This was just to prove
the Missing Link experiment.

As I stated before,
it's time to proceed.
With 'Sled' closing in
he trips on a weed.

Without a thought
they run into his room,
but now fully recovered
'Sled' seals up their tomb.

So their story is finished,
over and done.
'Sled' killed them off
without using a gun.

The moral of the story
is quite evident I think,
never mess with,
'the Missing Link'.

(Originally written circa 1988)