Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Love & Loss (Part 20)

I'm not sure when it happened exactly. It might have been when I told Jenni an inside joke which the two of us laughed heartily over, ending with her gently placing her hand on mine. It wasn't a romantic gesture at all, and I didn't take it that way. But Darryl must have seen something else there, true or not. It must have been right around that time Darryl began to be jealous of me.

I remember thinking how crazy he was. There was a moment he actually pulled me into another room to ask if I was 'hitting' on his girlfriend. As far as I was concerned, my relationship with Jenni was strictly platonic. We just had a long history together, and that isn't something you just forget. But to make him feel better, I made up some excuse and left the two together.

It wasn't even a week since Vicki left me and here Darryl thought I was trying to steal his girl away. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. It certainly was a downfall of Darryl's. He was always the leery, paranoid type. I hoped it would be something he could get over with quickly, because I knew Jenni was not the sort to put up with that. Well, at least the old Jenni wouldn't put up with that. Would she now?

The next day Jenni called me. It felt awkward, especially considering how jealous Darryl was feeling. She asked why I left suddenly the night before. I told her I had things to do but I'm sure she understood I was trying to cover. The next few days were not much better. Whatever jealousy had taken hold of Darryl, was not letting go. I shouldn't have cared, but I was almost missing Jenni.

I gave Darryl and Jenni a few days to themselves. It was rather a bore as I didn't have other people to talk with. I wasn't going to settle for Katy or Missy either. Well, a bit of a personal joke there, I never hung out with either girl. I started to miss Vicki once more. To clear my mind I concentrated on writing and attended to a story I was working on. But before the week let out I buckled and gave Jenni a call.

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