Friday, April 23, 2010

Love & Loss (Part 23)

As time went on Jenni and I relied more on each other. We became the best of friends. I'd call and talk to her about problems at work, bounce a few story ideas off of her, she'd complain about her parents, she even told me a few details about her abduction. I was so worried about ruining our friendship, but I had to take a chance. I invited her out to dinner and for dessert I proposed to her.

Her reaction wasn't what I expected, though I really didn't know how she would react. Did she say yes? Did she say no? The first question she asked was 'why'? Jenni's always been full of surprises. It took some reasoning with her, but she came around to my way of thinking. We made plans to wed in the early part of '92. The next few months were busy, but not as busy as you'd expect. Jenni wanted a small simple wedding.

I was sort of surprised she didn't want to elope, but that wouldn't make sense. Jenni has always been big on making plans and making sure things go according to her plan. 1991 went by in the blink of an eye and my bachelor days were coming to a quick conclusion. I had trouble helping with the guest list. I knew I couldn't invite Darryl and Vicki was out of the question. I did invited Katy and Missy, though. I think I invited them as substitutes for Vicki and Darryl.

The big day was only a week away but something seemed to be troubling her. I couldn't tell what it was. We were still getting along great, but she seemed distant to some degree. I pretty much chalked it up to nerves because I was getting nervous myself. But for Jenni, this was something new. She was always calm and collected. I asked to make sure she was okay with the wedding and she assured me she was.

Finally the big day arrived. We were having our ceremony in a park and it was a gorgeous day for it. As discussed, it was a small simple affair. Mostly just close family and friends. I had a chance to talk with Kenny and Laura again, so that was pretty cool. I was looking great that day, another plus. If only it weren't for that one thing, it would have been a perfect day.

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