Sunday, April 18, 2010

Love & Loss (Part 18)

He asked what she was talking about and I related the story of how we broke up and I kept her diary because she never asked for it back. He worriedly asked why I didn't bring it. It was the way he asked it, it almost seemed rude. Reluctantly I reached into my back pocket and produced a small book. The cover was soft, with a pinkish color. Though she was still out, I placed the book in her relaxed hands. Wondering what, if anything would happen.

Darryl and I watched, as if we were expecting something magical to happen. Had this been a fiction story I suppose she would have sat up immediately, with full recollection of her abduction, but this was not fiction. We continued to watch her in silence, as odd as that might seem, till there was a knock on the door. Darryl informed me he called her parents. That did little to lift my spirits as her parents hated me more than she ever did.

For the most part, Jenni's father was indifferent towards me so I was relieved when he alone came to get his daughter. Darryl explained everything that happened, though he hardly seemed to be listening. Once Jenni was gone I decided I had to confide in Darryl about my trip to Washington. I needed to talk to someone about it and really didn't want to be home by myself.

This time it was Darryl who was indifferent toward me. As I told him how Vicki was seeing someone else he was pacing about, obviously thinking of Jenni. As I told him about about Terry he threw out a 'that sucks' line but it still didn't seem like he was following me. I told him about the plane trip to Washington and it didn't register with him. Obviously he was distracted far more than I could deal with. His predicament was terrible I know, but I had my own problems to think about.

I'm not even sure he knew exactly when I left. Later I felt like a jerk for doing so, but my problem seemed worse than his at the moment. At least he still had Jenni, I had no one. Even most of my friends were gone. Darryl and I got along great but lately our time together was less and less. The more time he spent with Jenni, the less we would spend together. It's possible I was feeling a little jealous.

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