Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jeffrey Scott's - Best of the Blogs - 2009

Trying to get back into writing more and more. Back in 2004 I had my own website and a 'forum' where I tried to host writings and encouraged followers to post replies and share information. Asked for replies and comments because I love the input. As you may have figured, it didn't really go anywhere and I soon gave up on the website and the forum. But there is no reason why I can't continue to do writing, even if there are little to no comments or interest. At the end of the day, I enjoy my writing and have fun writing blog entries.

In this 'Best Of' article, you'll notice how sparsely I started blogging, but soon found I need to split my blog up because the topics were so varied. Besides this one, I started hosting a 'Fitness' blog, mostly Biggest Loser recaps, and 'Tegan', a Sci.Fi blog, but mostly Doctor Who. In the years to come, I predict I'll be writing more and more. Stay tuned!

Jeffrey Scott - One Day Soon
This entry is just a statement wishing to blog more.

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Declaring a month of entries for March

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A coffee themed poem

Tegan - The Humans are Dead
A video put to music from Flight of the Conchords
Carrot Sticks - Weight Loss Video
I produced a motivational weight loss video

Jeffrey Scott - Failed Children's Book Titles
Created a list of parody book titles

Jeffrey Scott - Failed Book Titles
Another list of failed book titles

Jeffrey Scott - Point / Counterpoint - Blogging
I debate the pros and cons of blogging
Carrot Sticks - Biggest Loser Recap - S08E01
Season Eight of Biggest Loser, I decided to write recaps

Jeffrey Scott - Carrot Sticks & Cottage Cheese
A poem I wrote for my fitness blog.
Tegan - What is T.A.A.D.I.S.
Introduction to a short story I wrote including Doctor Who, Sliders, Legion of Super Heroes and Quantum Leap
Carrot Sticks - Fight For It
Another poem I wrote for my fitness blog

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Poet and the Singer

Oh my heart beats,
with her by my side.
How did I get her to notice?
I wrote her a poem,
mentioned my love and devotion.

Musically speaks,
relaxing and calm.
Her singing is more vivacious.
What's shocking but true,
She believes that I am her mate.

We now join hands,
and stare into our souls.
Promise our future together.
Yes, love conquers all,
with the singer and the poet.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Writing Month A Success!

As some of you may know, this past month I was engaged in a writing challenge. I made it my goal for each day to write either a poem, short story or article. It has been a great month and I've been on goal. I finished the last of my stories on Tuesday. Wednesday have been my Biggest Loser recaps and I will continue to do them into the next month, so no worries there (if you read and/or enjoy). With three days left in my writing challenge I was going to write a three part story but due to lack of interest in the project and to gear myself up for November, which I have declared to be my fitness month, I've decided to write three articles to finish the month. I've actually been looking forward to November for several reasons. The biggest reason is with all the writing I've been doing, my exercise and diet have taken a terrible turn for the worse, especially the last two weeks where I really didn't watch what I was eating. I've been up to all hours of the night to get my writing done and I think it's taken it's toll. I'm starting to feel awful and know the reason why. Not taking care of what I'm putting into my body is having a drastic effect. But I stuck to my goal and I'm proud of myself for that. That's how I got the idea for a fitness goal. Knowing how dedicated I become to something once I'm focused I've got high hopes this Fitness month I'll be able to lose at least 20 pounds. That is my goal for the month. To keep me on task, I've devised a few rules I'm going to try and stick to. Following is the list, which I'll explain more in detail in tomorrows article.

No coffee - only Milk / Water
No Alcohol
30 minutes of exercise daily
Breakfast: Fruit, oatmeal, WW English Muffin...
Lunch: Sandwich, fruit...
Dinner: lean meat, serving of vegetables.
10:00 bedtime - up at 6:00 for exercise.
No fast food. Exception (Subway)
Snacking will be limited to popcorn, dairy, or WW snacks.
One vitamin a day.

I'm willing to bet I can do this. I'll appreciate all the help I receive from my family and friends.

For those following this blog, the rest of my fitness articles and results will be posted on my other blog. You can read it here:

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dead and Buried

When I finally leave this world,
I really want it said,
‘That’s a guy I really miss
I wish he wasn’t dead.’

‘He always was so busy,
had many things to do,
I’m not sure that I could handle
all that he went through’.

‘He always strived to do what’s right,
helped others when he could,
would give the shirt right off his back,
really did more than he should’

Yes all will really miss me,
much mourning when I die,
I bet the men will all be choked,
and the women will all cry.

Nothing bad could be proclaimed,
after my fateful ride,
I kind of wish that I’ll be there
the day after I have died.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Carrot Sticks & Cottage Cheese

When you think of healthy food
are you limited with picks?
Do you think of something bland
like many carrot sticks?

With all the food within your home
you trash it all but peas.
Snacking foods you dare not have
except for cottage cheese.

But did you know you can have
food other than your veggies?
Even treats you thought taboo
like pizza or warm cookies?

The trick is moderation
just a little at a time.
Healthy food, then something sweet
you'll find it's not a crime.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fight For It!

When you're feeling tired,
who wants to go work out?
'cause getting to the gym,
is like a title bout.

All activities I have done,
knock me out every day.
My motivations waning,
it's such a sad display.

Punching through the wall,
Can be a nifty trick.
Start with something simple,
then harder I can pick.

As I then, continue on,
though sweating I may be,
the fight is so much better,
stress has been set free.

Equipped with strong willpower,
just like a boxing glove.
When I’m feeling tired,
Working out is what I love.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Round of Shape

When I was two and twenty,
I couldn’t understand.
How people got so overweight,
and blamed it on a gland.

Do they have no self respect
or care how they are seen?
Certainly never eating well,
or any food that’s lean

When I was two and thirty,
I woke one day to find.
I weighed more than I ever was,
embarrassed in my mind.

How did I become this way,
I couldn’t understand.
Would I succumb to guilt and shame
or on my fitness I demand?

Now I am two and forty,
no longer have to hide.
Through hard work and perseverance,
I’m on the winning side.

The journey isn’t easy,
took everything I got.
With eating well and exercise,
and snacking, not a lot.

If you are two and twenty,
take this warning to heart.
Don’t criticize the ‘round of shape’,
lest you become a part.

And those of two and thirty,
awake with shock and shame.
Remember I have lost it all,
and you can do the same.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A change in plan.

I'm still thinking of having a writing challenge month. I've been working on a schedule and everything. I was catching up with the Biggest Loser recaps so didn't get a story out yesterday, but I plan on doing one anyway and posting it to that day.

Speaking of Biggest Loser. Considering Tegan was originally set up for stories and or journal entries, I have decided to split off my Biggest Loser and fitness blog posts into a new blog. They can now be found at Carrot Sticks & Cottage Cheese.

This way, I can continue to post my recaps without them getting buried by other stories and entries. Hope there is no confusion but as I don't have many current followers, it shouldn't confuse too many people.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Writing Challenge

Do you remember earlier this year when I had my writing challenge? Yes, it consisted of me supplying a new and original poem from me every day. I was successful at it and have come away with a few more poems I actually like.

Well, I have been kicking around the idea again. However, this time I was thinking of doing something quite different. The poetry challenge was nice, but I have come to the conclusion that I would enjoy a more diverse challenge. With that, I have decided for October I plan on having another writing challenge. This time, there will be different categories for each day of the week.

What will all the categories be? I'm still hammering that out, as well as on what day I will do them. Some of the topics will be Biggest Loser recaps, short stories, journal entries and/or poems. Still trying to think of original things to do, something diverse. Any suggestions? Feel free to comment.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Chocolate Cake

The Bill Cosby inspired comedy skit I did for a friend and family talent show.

Point / Counterpoint - Blogging

Point - Being a writer, I've found blogging to be a great way to express my feelings to the world either through stories, poems, journal entries or just sarcastic wit. Keeping a blog helps to keep all your written material in one place, online. This way, even if you have no access to your own files at home, you can access them on the internet - as long as you have internet access. Most blogging websites are free to use, have great tools and fairly easy to learn. What better way to share with your friends and family what is going on in your life, what better way to explore what others are up to, what better way to keep your writing skills intact and honed to a sharp point.

Counterpoint - Blogging certainly isn't for everyone. Want to be discovered? Blogging is hardly the way to go unless you are already discovered. Place a drop of water in the ocean and you see what I mean. Sure, you may decide to keep a blog because you just like to write and want to share with whoever, but ask yourself - who is reading it? There's a good bet, not many of your friends give a hoot how you spent your weekend unless you are talking directly to them. Your descriptions and discoveries, as exciting as they may be to you, are typically bland or uneventful. And the occasional reader may well be someone you actually do not want to know how you spent your summer. It' so easy for a writer to put down various aspect they may not normally want to share with others, because they forget other may or may not be reading.

What are your thoughts? Which side do you mostly agree with? Do you have any ideas for future point/counterpoint entries?

Jeffrey Scott

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Still More Haiku's

Brett Favre number four
A Minnesota Viking
Satan skates to work

I wish I could rhyme
It's hard as eating a lime
well, maybe next time.

My email has spam
Most in the form of a scam
You deserve KER-BLAM!!!!!

It makes me irate
angry people are angry
only all the time.

You can call me Al
But what would be the point then
I will not respond.

When people are dumb
they make me want to hit them
or become hermit.

I see dumb people
They think they are smart but no
They put others down.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Failed Book Titles

10.) A Pitcher in the Rye

9.) The Three Mouse-keters

8.) Alice - Through the Vanity Mirror

7.) Soylent People

6.) Moby Richard

5.) Frankenstein is NOT the Monster

4.) Little Hovel on the Prairie

3.) Anne of Brown Stables

2.) NASA 2042 - Probing Uranus

1.) Lord of the Blings

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Failed Children Book Titles

10.) How to Buy Friends and Influence People With Money

9.) Chicken Poop For the Soul

8.) How to Eat Fried Germs

7.) James & the Giant Speech

6.) The Lion, The Witch & Walk-In Closet

5.) The Kraft Velvetan Rabbit

4.) Santiago Chicken Little

3.) Kidney Stone Soup

2.) Horton Takes a Poo

1.) The Little Engine That Thought he Could But Failed Miserably

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Haiku's

Lately, I've been into writing haiku's. I think I'm still trying to get the hang of it. For those not familiar, a haiku is comprised of three lines with five syllables in the first line, seven in the second and five in the third.

Here are three recent examples.

I am free falling
No parachute to stop me
Why won't it open.

Lost all of my strength
The day you cut me inside
And left me to die

I am so at peace
Now the struggle is over
Face down in water

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The Sound of Music
An auditory blessing
Or Julie Andrews.

I gave you my life
And so you became my wife
You replied with strife.

I lost all my weight.
What is my taboo secret?
I used a tapeworm.

When I left this world
You were last thing on my mind
Please don't forget me.

Would you be so kind
At least say you are sorry
When you shoot me dead

I lost all my weight
What is my taboo secret?
Fingers down my throat

Monday, April 13, 2009

April is Poetry Month

Where was this announcement last month when I was posting all my poetry? Does this now make me not a poet? Should I have known this in advance? Oh well, I've always considered myself an author first, then a poet. And even then I don't usually refer to myself as a poet.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Highland Park Pies & Cafe no longer!

Have I found a new place to enjoy coffee? Not at all, just a name change it seems. So I decided to update my entry.

Birdie's Cafe
Looking for a great place for coffee in the morning? Birdie's Cafe is a beautiful place I discovered a couple years back. It has a bed & breakfast type atmosphere and you are welcomed as you walk in the door. Sarah and crew really make you feel at home. I've found it to be a great way to start the day with a little coffee, breakfast pizza, or whatever freshly baked goody may interest you. Located about 41st and Highland; stop in and tell them Jeff sent you. They may may or may not know who you are talking about, but feel free to do so anyway. ;)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Writing Challenge complete

Just posted my final poem for the month of March. I did it! I posted something new each day. To finish off are the poetic lyrics for a song I just wrote. I really like it. Thanks to all who have come this month to read and comment on my poems and such. I appreciate each and every comment.

Thank you,


I saw you passing by
it was just the other day,
a momentary glance
you quickly walked away.

I was curious to know
what our life could be,
a matching pair for life
or a year till you would flee.

Strangers walking by.
Never stopping.
No hello.

When you passed my way again
I couldn’t work the nerve,
I’ve always been too shy
you’re more than I deserve.

To hold you in my arms
and stare into your soul,
I’ll never get the chance
It’s just my secret goal.

We’re just strangers walking by.
Never stopping.
No Hello.
Never stopping.
No Hello.


Monday, March 30, 2009


Yesterday I was in love
but it was more infatuated.
Of those days in foolish love
I ponder on at night and dread.

As today came with swiftness
the light began to shine.
The acts of me, the perfect fool
my eminence on the decline.

So I look back to yesterday
and compare it with right now;
of days clear and unobstructed
yet I never make a vow.

So which day is better?
No answer I can obtain.
Today with no love
and the sorrow to match?

Or yesterday,
in love and infatuation
a rejoicing heart
unable to make a catch.


Sunday, March 29, 2009


The crisp morning air
was as serene as ever
with the arrival of four
fearless brothers, each very clever.

The garage was to be downed
with the greatest of ease
A task not to large,
but not easy, if you please.

John was the backbone
the head of the gang,
leading the rest
putting him in much pang.

Ernie was calm
as everyone knew.
he had all the answers
he knew what to do.

Jeff and Mike were the
demolition team,
kicking in walls
and the huge support beam.

At 6:30 sharp the
work did commence
the first to go down
was the ugly old fence.

With that they went
to the gruesome task,
downing the garage
unveiling the mask.

Over the night
the rubble did lay,
as Ernie and Jeff
dug up the Earth, I relay.

The next day was the job
of cleaning the lot,
the garage was now downed
leaving nothing to rot.

And that ends this tale
of the garage that came down,
an eyesore was removed
from this quaint little town.


Saturday, March 28, 2009


A wonderful site,
the jewel of the system
remarkable delight.

Your water is pink
from the magma below
an astonishing link.

The great market square
by the capitol city
what a marvellous pair.


Friday, March 27, 2009

What Beauty

My beauty is so lovely
as one can tell from my eyes.
As I follow her every move
I realize,

what beauty does she make
as I follow her around,
and wish for once that she,
followed me around.


Thursday, March 26, 2009


From the moment we met
I knew right away
you’re the women I’d love
each morning and day.

From your dark brown eyes
which quick drew me in
to your elegant charm,
and adorable grin.

Your charisma and charm
when we talk for a while
about something important
or what’s the new style.

Imagine my shock
When you told me today
You were ready to leave
You were going away.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Under the Weather

How are you feeling?
Well, how should I reply?
Depression makes me think
that I am all alone?
Or I have lost my zeal
my projects left undone.
Pressure in my temples
from all the stress I’m in.
And yelling all the time
my temper is so short.
So how am I feeling?
Oh… I am feeling fine.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Petaled Rose

I have spent the nights in wonder
as is custom when I think,
of when I fell in love with you
I was very near the brink.

Your beauty caught me
and kept me safe,
when I was down
I saw your face.

I thought I was alone
but you were always there,
to fill my heart
with your tender care.

Now at nights, yes I do weep
you stir my feelings – oh so deep.
To thus I do now compose
my dear sweet beloved – Petaled Rose.


(Written circa 1988)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Travelling in the Sky

Oh the wonders we did see,
said my uncle Ned to me.
As we traversed across the skies
the glistening stars twinkling in our eyes.
Through the empty vacuum of the void
the inky blackness we annoyed.
All the planets we had toured
the hostile bleakness we endured.
Then marveling at the grandeur of our world
the absolute beauty still unfurled.
Oh yes the wonders we did see
my uncle Ned and me.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

the Stone

A stone among stones
silently on the beach.
It lies with the rest
under the sun.
At first glance
it looks worthless,
not much to see
others more striking.
But take a look
at the beauty within,
intricate layers
of inner beauty.
Veiled by its
crude exterior
it lays silently
all alone.


Saturday, March 21, 2009


I sat with my sister
and we talked of the past,
of good times and bad times
the memories still last.

The antics of youth
at the time seemed so bad,
our brothers and sisters
found ways to make us mad.

The two of us as well
did not always have fun,
she would kick me so hard
and get up just to run.

We thought of the places
we can no longer go,
closed down and abandoned
our fondness will still grow.

Lost friends and lost family
gone for a reason or two,
we remember with sorrow
we’d respect them anew.

Our long chat would then end
so much time we did miss,
but we gained one thing more
new day to reminisce.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Quietly She Drowned

She was very well known
for her courage and hope,
well liked and regarded
through tragedy she’d cope.

The day was delightful
so she set out to sail
no company was found,
still her plan wouldn’t fail.

The time on the sea
was going so well,
till the wind started shifting
into a nautical hell.

The boat rocked violently
she tried so in vain,
to settle the vessel
and calming maintain.

The boat took on water
she was knocked from her seat
right into the water
weather demanded defeat.

She grew very tired
her boat now out of reach
yet bravely fought on
she would swim for the beach.

Yet panic set in
her calm started to flee
with the blackness below
and the endless sea.

There now was a cramping
but with all of her might
with each breath of air
she continued to fight.

The water was churning
as the reality grew
she coughed and she spat
for an hour or two.

Her body was lifeless
when she finally was found
the only hope left, was that
quietly she drowned.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Of Life and Love

I wish my poems could offer more
with a romantic verse
It seems I shall never have a love
that seems to be my curse.

My poems may sound so morbid
yet that is all I know.
I fear they shall remain that way
till my lover makes her show.

I wish there would come a time
my poems are most sincere.
Till then I can only live my life
and hope that love is near.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Not A Mushy Love Poem

I want to write a poem
so what do I decide?
No mushy, sloppy love poem
or a secret to confide.

Something for me to practice
my writing skills again,
long they have gone unchecked
and not what they had been.

I so miss the days and nights
when I would stay awake
writing stories, plots or rhymes
any format I would take.

So here I go again
closing with a word,
no mushy, sloppy love poem
unlike others you have heard.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mine Alone

You have a beauty in your body
which palpitates my heart.
You have a beauty in your wisdom
which is nothing short of smart.

Your touch is very gentle,
your fragrance is so sweet.
it's this, my love, which makes my heart
skip that extra beat.

Yet none of this can compare
to that which I love most,
the fact that you are mine:
‘mine alone I do boast.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Little Ones

The little ones
are such a chore
kicking, screaming
talking back.

You want them gone
and so it goes
when they’ve gone
you want them back.


Friday, March 13, 2009


Colours - shifting, changing
for a moment here,
in a moment gone.

Life is a thrill
continued excitement
much time to enjoy.

Friends and family
they are here for you
you are there for them.

In an instant - change.
Your friends move on,
your family passes.

Colours - shifting, changing
for a moment here,
in a moment gone.

Life is full
new joys to be had
embrace each moment.

Why must you die?
I miss you dearly,
goodbye daddy, goodbye mum.

Comfort is found
in each new life
hello my son, my baby boy.

Colours - shifting, changing
for a moment here,
in a moment gone.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

G. G. Gee

Great, Glorious, Graceful G.
G is Good and Glad and Golden
Never Gruesome, Grubby or Gloomy

Glamorous, Gracious, Garish G.
G is Generous, Gentle and Genuine
Never Grim, Gainless or Gory

G is Given Grave Generalness
But I Greatly, Gladly, Give it
its Gradual, Gallant, Gaudy
Glories, Galore.

Not too Gabby, Garrulous or
Galling, G is Glibly
Gash and Gawsy.

Grievously, Gratuitous, I Greedily
am Guilty of Giving Graphic
Greatness to the letter G.

I may sound Glumly, Glaiket but
G is Gigantically a Gentle old
Goose, and I love this Gamy
Grand, Great letter G.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009


You need to start your day.
You’ve tried everything else,
from tea to juice.

And I repeat nothing
can get you moving faster
than a cup of Joe.

Take a whiff of that aroma.
That’s a robust scent
you won’t find anywhere else.

Enriches your senses,
making you happier,
perkier and more productive.

Whether you enjoy
at home or your favourite shop
pick some up today.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It’s time for bed
all things must be done
kitchen is closed
there is no more fun.

Projects must stop
away to my room
change for the night
to dream of my doom.

Put out of my head
the busy next day
don’t think of the chores
my bed I must lay.

The trouble with Cindy
forgotten for now
won’t think of the problem
though I don’t know how.

The car payment looms
I must check with the bank
how I can pay back
since my finances sank.

This irritable rash
is chaffing my skin
I’ll contact my doctor
and treatment begin.

I must try once again
for slumber to start
why can’t I sleep
and resting take part?

I’m tossing and turning
and laying in bed
wishing I’d drift off
yet awake instead.

With all of my problems
I now have one more
awake all night long
not even one snore.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Hide Away

I sometimes feel
down deep inside
desperation to run.

every thing’s here
nowhere to go.

* * *


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gina Marie

What beauty I find in my Gina Marie.
My Gina Marie and me,
If not me, then just Gina Marie.


Saturday, March 7, 2009


Flowers in the garden
Flowers in the hall,
Flowers in the wild,
Flowers on the wall.

Flowers just for looking at
Or setting on display,
Either way their just as lovely
And make a nice bouquet.

The rose, the iris, the lily too,
All give their thanks to the morning dew;
And even the Scilla all dressed in blue,
Was a romantic symbol since its début.


Friday, March 6, 2009


I think that I shall never see
an insect lovely as a bee.

A bee whose hungry mouth is pressed
against honey, second rate at best.

A bee that can’t see all day
because too many eyes are in the way.

A bee that may in summer wear
A risky yellow – people stare.

Upon whose belly honey has lain
and sticks to windows on the train.

Parodies are made by fools like me
but only honey comes from the bee.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Empty Nights

Need I miss you
when I mention you often
in my empty nights?

I whisper your name.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Intangible thoughts, uncertainties
the playground of the mind
the land of the dream.

A reckless and dangerous place,
an arena for good and evil,
strange and bizarre.

They infiltrate ones life
with ne'er a worry or a care
to destroy ones piece of mind.

To ease the pain we cite,
'dreaming is after all
just a dream.'

...isn't it?


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Candy is sweet
It’s tasty and good
If offered to me
You know I would.

The urge to resist
Is never intent
I’d never reject
This wonderful tempt.

Teasing me with it
Is very malicious
I can’t abstain
It’s far too delicious.

A great reward
Any time of the day
Evening, noon or
Lights first ray.

Candy is music to my ears.


Monday, March 2, 2009


With hurtful feelings I lived my life,
uncertain of the days ahead.
pain and suffering were all I had
in the darkness of my soul.

I dreamed and lived and breathed
in a dazzling beautiful world.
you came forth to show me these
and I believe you.


Sunday, March 1, 2009


When I was much younger,
my teacher would ask me,
'tell me right now child
what you aspire to be'.

I would refuse to answer
It always bothered me
why should I decide right now
what I aspire to be.

'You must have some focus'
she would reply to me
'there surely must be something
you aspire to be.'

And now I’m so much older
oh why was I so bad?
Why I never would decide
It really makes me sad.

Now all the tasks I ever start
have always ended bad,
half finished, barely started
now isn’t that part sad?

I wish I had aspired
instead of always being bad
can it be, that she was right?
I guess that’s what makes me sad.


Friday, February 27, 2009

Something New Every Day

I've decided I'm going to try and do some more writing.
I have challenged myself to post at least one original poem each day in the month of March. Can I do it? I'm hoping so. The month starts on Sunday and I need to remember that. Looking forward to your comments.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

One day soon.

Okay, maybe not very soon. But one day I would love to be so dedicated to my writing and blogging and such that I keep up to date with my writing and/or journal writing.