Monday, April 19, 2010

Love & Loss (Part 19)

The next day I was up fairly early. Couldn't sleep much during the night especially after I thought I heard someone break in. I called Darryl to see if we could get together again, with another day behind both of us, we were likely better company. Several hours later I was back at his house.

It wasn't long before there was a knock on his door. Darryl called out the door was open and suddenly Jenni walked in. She told us she snuck out of her house as her parents wanted to keep an eye on her. She reassured us she was fine; she remembered everything, but she would be okay. What she did next really shocked me. She came over and gave me a nice warm hug.

I think it shocked Darryl more than me, his wide eyes were telling. At the time I couldn't tell why he was shocked, it was only a hug. In retrospect I suppose I can understand, considering Jenni and I used to be a couple, but that was over. She let go, but thanked me for giving her the diary. I dismissed it, almost upset I had to give it back to her. Little did I realize I would one day have the book back.

Jenni then went on to tell me how sorry she was for being so mean to me before her abduction. Now I've known Jenni for along time, but this was the first time I could recall her apologizing for anything, sincerely. Somehow I thought after getting her memory back she's be right back to her old nasty self. But some certainly changed in her. Reminded me of the woman I once loved. What happened to her that caused such a change?

Whatever it was, she never told me. Ironic, how something could change you so profoundly, yet never want to talk about it. Sure, perhaps she discussed it with her psychologists, but after she regained her memory she stopped seeing them. I started to do more with Darryl once again. Jenni was still always with him, believe it or not I didn't mind. She almost took my mind off Vicki leaving me.

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