Thursday, April 22, 2010

Love & Loss (Part 22)

Jenni wasn't suggesting we get back together, she was just letting me know breaking up with me was a mistake on her part. Once again she was sincerely trying to apologize for something she had done. Of course Darryl took it the wrong way, in retrospect I don't blame him. But he was still wrong, there was nothing going on between Jenni and I. He quickly stormed out.

Jenni tried to stop him but he pushed her away. She fell backwards into me, which both surprised and delighted me. As he opened the door he yelled to the both of us we could have each other now if we wanted to. I tried pleading with him it was a mistake but he wouldn't listen. He looked at me and said I was just 'another Terry'. That hurt because I wasn't trying to steal her away. I moved towards him when suddenly everything went black.

I saw stars for a minute and a sensation of floating. I heard a muffled voice as I slowly pulled myself together. Jenni was beside me, making sure I was okay. In his huff, Darryl slugged me. I didn't know he felt that way or I would've been more careful. Unfortunately he played his card and I doubted Jenni would want him after such a deplorable display. I was innocent in what transpired, but I felt guilty and hurt.

Darryl kept his distance from me after that. I don't know if he felt ashamed for what he did or if he thought I was trying to steal Jenni away from him. Jenni and I were not romantically involved. I was afraid to go back down that road. However, we kept our friendship up. For the next few days we kept our distance but suddenly we began to talk once more. It was a few months later and we were close once more.

By the time 1991 rolled around we were once again very close. There were not many people I associated with so it was natural for me to draw closer to Jenni. As for Jenni, none of her friends clicked with her any more, especially Andrea her only friend who hated me. I guess what happened next was only natural. I made the boldest move in my life, maybe this is where I made the biggest mistake of my life.

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