Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Love & Loss (Part 6)

They say time heals all wounds. I was far from being wounded to my soul, but it was nice to be surrounded by my friends; Vicki, Darryl, Kenny and Laura. Even Katy and Missy took my mind off of Jenni's plight. Those two girls were always chasing me and Darryl around. Trying to get our phone numbers, asking where we lived, now those were some stories I could tell. Vicki was certainly never jealous of Missy. I think she knew I was a good 'judge of character'.

As 1988 came to a close and '89 began, I started to do more things with Darryl than with Kenny. Sure, Kenny was always a joker, but he took things a bit too far at times. I've always retained a semi-morbid sense of humor, but I found it in poor taste to be making jokes about Jenni's abduction. Darryl's sense of humor was much the same, but knew when it was time to be serious. I don't recall him making any jokes I'd claim were in poor taste.

As 1989 continued school was putting additional pressure to concentrate on working hard with college in mind. Higher education was never primary in my mind, one of the reasons Jenni took offense at. There was a college fair being held in our gym auditorium we all had to attend. I went with the usual, myself, Kenny, Vicki & Laura. I didn't look too hard, but Vicki and Laura found one that interested them. How I wish we hadn't gone.

I could tell Vicki and Laura had news they wanted to tell me but were unwilling. Every time I brought up college to them they'd get quiet or change the subject. Once again, I was fooled into believing things were set in stone; they were not. By the time of our graduation I finally found out what Vicki was trying to keep quiet. The college she was gong to attend was out of state.

You would think Vicki and I were going to break up but we did what we could to make sure that wasn't going to happen. I mean, Walla Walla Washington isn't that far away from Milwaukee, is it?

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