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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Random Rants - II

R.a.n.t. of week 09/28/14
It's that time of the year again. That's right, I've dusted off and turned on the twitter machine to once again find out what other people are about. You've heard me complain enough in the past, it's time to see what everyone else been irate over this past month or two while I've been on blog hiatus. Of course, as always, I've added my own thoughts on each topic.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ok, I've now concluded my twitter rant on behalf of all good and authentic bloggers.
>Sorry I missed it. I must not be a good or authentic blogger. But, I'm just getting started with my rants.

business not seeing jobs as careers but just temp work
>The CEO of McDonald's might disagree with you.

Rosie G.Whey are Mars Bars so much smaller these days? When I was a kid they were so big you had to carry them in a backpack.
>"Fun Size" has ruined the world and made it less fun. Of course, you could try the candy bar in the link below..
World's Largest Chocolate Bar

Kate D
The price of tea in China.
>Is this a rant about how expensive it is? Or just a statement pointing out that China puts a price on tea?

Crystal Espin
When did it become acceptable for PRs to call you less than 24hrs after sending an email because you haven't responded yet?
>I've learned patience is a virtue. However, some people are far too impatient to learn that.

Dani Torres
I can't stand when professor gets behind on grading, like your the one assigning all of this, if you can't keep up with it then stop
>Some people need to learn patience. (See above).

It's fall. 2 months till winter. Of course it's gonna be cold! Maybe you should wear more clothes and stop complaining.
>And just a couple months ago, people were complaining it was too hot. The madness never stops.

Marissa Rebischke
Owning a nice camera doesn't make you a photographer. Much like owning a good set of knives doesn't make you a chef.
>Also, standing in a garage doesn't make you a car. And eating gluten free foods doesn't make you trendy. (See last years random r.a.n.t.s).

Fiona Fussi
I HATE castings where models are treated like cattle. Totally disrespectful and humiliating.
>The looks I get when I tell someone I went to McDonald's for dinner. Totally disrespectful and humiliating. I wonder if that's ever happened in Her World.

kennedie carlson
We know you're in college. We know you drink beer. No need to snapchat it everyday.. nobody from high school cares if you look cool
>Same goes for people and selfies. No need to post what you look like every day. I know what you look like, not cool.

Francesco Pretelli ‏
I cant believe airport wifi is a joke everywhere.
>Not a Boingo fan? I don't blame you. You'd think for the price of a ticket, it could be complimentary. Less peanuts, more wifi.

ashley edgar
Not really sure when not caring about things or people became 'cool', but it's not...Care about people, have dreams, and work hard.
>Though I agree, I hope you don't care I stole your rant. My dream this week is to not work hard and let others do my job for me.

Kim Brown
It is mind boggling to me how rain affects traffic. Just drive, people! And turn on your headlights. Many forgetful folks, it seems.
>Tell me about it. "What is this wet stuff falling from the sky? I better drive like an idiot."

Scott Smith
I hate when I send my friends a text message and they never respond do it. Feels like I'm being ignored.

Stephanie Mertens
If you can drink every weekend but complain you're to broke to do anything else, you should probably reevaluate your life
>Maybe step down from drinking Guinness to Pabst? Of course, if you go that route, may as well skip buying the Pabst all together and just turn on the tap water. Tastes about the same.

My hands are clammy, my ears are big, I'm a hairy guy and I'm touchy. I've heard them enough. Every now and then a compliment is nice.
>I liked your rant so I stole it for my blog. Hope that counts as a compliment. Also never forget you're good enough, you're smart enough, and dog-gonnit people like you!

Jaclyn ‏
The technology of this generation has absolutely destroyed the quality of relationships, friendships and human interaction in general.
>Tru dat. I h8 interwebs. B dumbing us all down. But INCYDK I no h8r. C Ya!

Jill Rudison
I absolutely detest doing cardio when the fans are blowing straight down on me. I'm trying to sweat here...grrrrrr
>Perhaps the gym thinks it's not cool to sweat, so they turn the fans on as a courtesy? Still, not cool.

Ahna Kate
Absolutely CAN NOT STAND when other parents judge other kids for their actions when they have no clue about their own.
>Or worse, when they are trying to tell you how to discipline your kids and they don't even have any.

LaToya C ‏
You want your coffee done right? Go to Starbucks because McDonalds will play with your emotions
>Let's not limit our dissatisfaction with McDonald's to just it's coffee, okay?

Martin Ferro-Thomsen
Don't be 15 minutes late for a meeting that you requested. It's more than enough time to decide I don't want to do business with you
>Five minutes would do it for me. Unless they came in with coffee. Then I'd be fine with it. Unless it was from McDonald's. (See above).

Andy Welsh ‏
Sydney yeh you have a nice harbour and beaches but shame you get no time to enjoy them because your stuck in traffic all the time.
>Maybe they are only meant to be looked at as you drive by?

Kelsie Fitz
You have a bf and you talk to like 7282 different guys and you think you're adorable but really you're annoying. sorry
>Talk to 7282 different guys? Are you sure? Haven't I told you a million times to stop exaggerating?

Instead of dropping the "unhealthy" foods from school lunches, why doesn't Michelle just tell kids to take a jog.
>Ever try and get a kid to choose between eating an unhealthy food and taking a jog?

Melissa A.R.
Being sick.
>This is what happens when you eat unhealthy school food and refuse to go out for a jog. (See above)

Broooooke ‏
I hate when people ask "why are you dressed up"? umm maybe because I wanna look cute for myself and actually be confident for once
>To be cute and confident? Or in case you run into Justin Timberlake?

Dave Hale ‏
Pps just need to exercise their manors. It doesn't cost you anything to be polite... That is all..
>I hear Bruce Wayne exercises in his manor. Just don't ask if you can use his gym. That wouldn't be good manners.

just bc someone might have more fat on their body than you doesn't mean they can't be healthier or in better shape
>Fair enough, but I've never seen Jabba the Hut win a footrace.

Bacardi Oakheart
I always think rants say more about the person ranting than the thing they're ranting about anyway.
>My blog must say volumes about me then.

michael apostrophe + "s" does not make a plural!
>People... they're grammar mistakes using apostraphes is hilarious.

Christina M
Being put on the spot....
>Children are good at doing this. Parents just need to teach their kids basic aspects of decency.

So many little kids these days are spoiled ingrates whose parents couldn't bother to teach them the most basic aspects of decency
>Would you rather see the parents smoking in front of their kids? How crazy would that be?

Formula Frank
Seeing a pregnant woman smoking makes me furious. That poor child doesn't have a chance before its even born
>People still do this? Thought everyone had moved over to those 'vapor' cigarettes.

"Vapor" cigarettes. They still stink.
>Not that I disagree with you, but people always find something to complain about. (See below).

Derek Jeter haters!
>Hating haters. What could be funnier?

Aaron R
Why they put Jarjar Binks into Star Wars Episodes 1-3?
>To give people something to complain about, to sell more toys, to distract from how annoying Anakin was, take your pick.

Jonathan Morrison
The problem isn’t that the 6 Plus bends the most, it’s the fact that IT DOESN’T BEND BACK.
>Come now, let's be nice. Apple is bending over backwards to give us a decent product.

TMI Memes
I hate when people get mad about my tweets. This is a MEME ACC. IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Stop Being Insecure

R.a.n.t. of week 09/21/14
I promise, this is the last week for a guest blog. I'll be back to complain once again, next week. It's been a rough few months, but I'm looking forward to getting back to my writing. This weeks blog entry from Jenni Long.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After talking to a friend a few days ago, I got to realizing he was complaining about a non-issue. Something made up in his mind. But this isn't a problem he suffers from alone. Every day, things transpire in our lives which we worry about. Typically, the worries are unjustifiable. Each month, 'Fille Forte' receives many questions along these lines. I.E., "I think my friend is mad at me, what did I do?", "Why is my friend ignoring me?", and my personal favourite, "I heard my friend went out with another friend, but I wasn't invited. Why?" When you think of it, each question is just a form of insecurity; no real problem exists. When I responded to my friend, I told him the same thing the girls in the magazine are generally told.

1.) The problem is yours alone.
2.) You are causing the bad situation.
3.) It could be harming your friendship.
4.) You should seek to resolve the situation.

Let's take the first question, "I think my friend is mad at me, what did I do?"
"Dear Worried,
How certain are you your friend is mad at you? Did they tell you this specifically? Or are you just assuming? It's very possible you did nothing. In a true friendship, we should never try to read minds. When you start making assumption based on what you think the other person is thinking, you are simply inventing a problem that does not exist. If she is truly your friend, you need to develop trust. Trust she does not get mad for trivialities. Trust that if she is mad, she will let you know when she's ready. And if she is upset about something, she may come to realize it's silly and let it go."

Second question, "Why is my friend ignoring me?"
"Dear Ignored,
Sometimes we may think a person is ignoring us, but in reality they are involved in some other activity. If you send a text message to a friend and they do not respond right away, it does not mean they are ignoring you. Like you, they have other things going on in their lives. It would be hazardous to think you are the centre of your friends world. Perhaps they are dealing with parents, or have had chores assigned to them. Don't be pushy and selfish. Your friend will get back to you when they can. You wouldn't want them to think you are narcissistic. Whatever you do, don't complain about being ignored. This could actually push your friend away and they may truly start to ignore you. If you are having a hard time waiting to hear back from a friend, get involved in something else. Go for a walk, watch a funny film, read a magazine article. It's possible you are just being impatient."

Final question, "I heard my friend went out with another friend, but I wasn't invited. Why?"
"Dear Not Invited,
You are being insecure about something you needn't be. Like you, she has other friends to associate with. If you draw attention to this problem, you are likely to draw attention to your insecurity. Insecurity can be a turn-off, even among friends. It's not possible for you to invite all your friends to absolutely everything you do. The same is true for others. Let your friends have other friends. It doesn't mean they no longer like you. It simply means they decided to spend time with another friend. When you do something with a specific friend, does that mean you've stopped liking your other friends? No. The same is true for everyone."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jenni Long is a writer and editor
of the Canadian children's magazine
'Fille Forte'. That being said, her
thoughts do not necessarily reflect
those of myself.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Impossible Girl

R.a.n.t. of week 09/14/14
Like last week, I've decided to use a guest blogger this week before I jump back in to writing my own r.a.n.t.s once again. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

When a situation is presented to most people, it is either greatly accepted or looked at apprehensively. Those taken to apprehension have various views on the situation presented. Either it's not accepted because it's out of their comfort zone, or they view it as something rather difficult. Either difficult to believe, or difficult to accomplish. "It's impossible", they may call out. But what is impossibility? Alice (in Wonderland) was encouraged to believe impossible things. And yet, is something impossible, truly impossible? Look at a few of the things Alice found impossible to believe in. A cat who disappeared leaving only a cheesy grin, a bottle of mysterious fluid that allowed her to shrink in size, and a deck of playing cards following the orders of a tyrannical Queen who seemingly wanted to see everyone without a head. And all this before breakfast. So how capable would you be to accept any of these impossible scenarios? And are they really impossible?

To illustrate, let's journey back a couple hundred years. On our trip, we will bring a set of walkie talkies a flash-light and a digital camera. Before showing any of these items to any of the locals, we will describe each item. To which, they will declare them to be impossible. How can one cause a beam of light to shoot from one's hands? Or listen to a person from a mile away, as though they were standing right next to you? Or hold the perfect image of someone in an instant, within the palm of your hand. That's impossible! And then when you show them the items, they may gradually learn to accept them as possible. If they don't burn you for witch-craft.

So maybe not all situations presented to us are as impossible as we feel they are. I know there are several things to which I consider impossible, that I'd like to at least hope are just illusions of impossibility. What about you? Is there anything that others claim to be impossible, that you consider within the realm of possibility? And for the record, no, I don't believe the situations in Alice in Wonderland are possible. They are quite impossible.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Professor Sanee resides in Italy
and teaches the course 'the
Ethics of Humour' at I.M.A.
She's also author of the book,
"Why Isn't Anyone Laughing?"

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Fool

The fool dares think
that he is needed.
We laugh then cast him
to the side.

The fool dares think
that he is special.
We are delighted by
his merry joke.

The fool dares think
that he is loved.
We wink in glee
at his festive jest.

The fool dares think
But he is a fool,
and I
                  am a fool.


Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Thing of Beauty (Part 140)

R.a.n.t. of week 09/07/14
This weeks r.a.n.t. courtesy of Charles Winthrop. In order to restart my blog, I thought this part of his longest running series would be interesting to use. I hope you enjoy it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It's truly amazing what some people discard and treat as garbage, when in actuality what they have is a prized possession, something of great beauty and value. I was reading this morning of a women who went to a rubbish sale (flea market) and procured a box of various items for only seven dollars. One report suggests a Paul Bunyan mini statue was in the box which is what caught her eye. (A clear indication of the typical junk found there). Going over the items, the painting barely caught her eye. The frame was of interest to her, but the actual object of the frame was not, much like the previous owner. On a gut feeling, she decided to have the painting appraised. Turns out, what she thought was worthless or unimportant, was a lost painting from Frenchman Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919). An auction was established with hopes of raising as much as $75,000. Certainly, this painting was worth far more than originally thought. And someone just threw it away? There are countless tales in the art world of works of art turning up in the oddest places, usually in attics, basements, or behind paintings of less value. So what about us? Is there a true objet d'art in your life? And how do you treat it? Would you devalue it? Damage it? Throw it in the garbage? Certainly not. It doesn't matter if it's a painting hanging on the wall, an antique piece of furniture or even a person. How we treat our valuable possessions is certainly an indication of who we truly are on the inside. How sad it is some people are miserable, horrible people on the inside, who feel the need to damage, destroy or devalue things of beauty.

This excerpt from the online publication - 'Art Beautiful',
used with permission.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Charles Winthrop is a Washington
state D.J. His interests include
music (both modern and classical)
and is a fine art connoisseur. His
articles have appeared in various
magazines including, 'Art Beautiful',
'Music of the Renaissance', and 'The
Walla Walla Whistler'.

♫ Like a beautiful smile
 That fills I know why
 Such a beauty won't die
 It's eternity's mile 
 That we walk all this while ♪

Bonus Photo - Les Deux Sœurs

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Closings and Endings

R.a.n.t. of week 05/18/14
Life is about continual change, so life is always changing. Much like a kaleidoscope. A poet once wrote;

Colours shifting, changing.
For a moment here.
In a moment gone.'

There are two aspects of change. One is when something new begins, but the other is when something ends. Sometimes the change (or end) is drastic, like the loss of a loved one. But usually, the change is something small or mundane (to most people). If you are like me, even the ending of a TV show or departure of a favourite character can be sad. I'll admit, I used to watch ER quite regularly, and when Dr. Green left the series I had something in my eye which caused it to tear. Seriously, THAT'S what it was. Just something in my eye. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Of course at the time I had no idea his 'wife' was going to become River Song or I wouldn't have minded his departure, just so she could move on.

Other times, a location you love comes to a close. Years ago, there was a 24 hour coffee shop on Milwaukee's North/East side. My friends and I went there quite often. A few of my friends would frequent the place and play chess till the wee hours of the night. We all loved that place, but it eventually went out of business. So I had to find a new place for coffee. I tried a few till I found one on Highland called, Highland Park Pies & Cafe. It was owned by an older lady but she informed me she had just sold the place to a lovely young coffee barista. So 'Birdies' (as it was renamed) then became my new place. I'd go quite often before work and do a little writing, or just chill out listening to the smooth jazz they played. In the Winter, they had a fireplace and Sarah (the owner) would ask if I'd like to have it lit. Always I'd agree. Usually I'd be there by myself but a few times I convinced someone to stop by. My sister, my dad, my friend Ray or my friend Mike would show up from time to time. I'd also see Terry, a family friend, there quite frequently. Then things began to change. The place didn't play jazzy music any more and I started to bring my own music. Gradually, I was there less and less. When Sarah remarried, she too was there less and less. Just a few short months ago, another friend of mine, Sandi, visited the place and told me how much she despised it because the service was slow. Stopping in with another friend they simply ordered coffee and sandwiches and waited a half hour. They were very upset and that was disappointing for me to hear. The place that had once been one of my favourite places to visit now had people complaining about it. The speculation is perhaps the family that owned it was just getting tired of running it. That may be true, because shortly after the place was closed. I've had to add Birdie's to that list of places I now miss.

 In other words: Sorry for the inconvenience, but Birdie's is closed. PERMANENTLY!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

R.a.n.t. of week 05/11/14
I could sit at home and watch a baseball game on TV. Sit in the comfort of my own recliner with perhaps Taco Bell nachos, a bag of peanuts purchased from the local store and an ice cold Guinness, what could be finer? But what about seeing the game live? That would be finer. Being in the crowd when a home-run is hit! That would be finer. The fresh air, the excitement, going with a group of friends, a chance to sing 'Roll Out the Barrel', these are all great reasons to go to a game. So why don't I go more often? Typically I go to one or two games a year and that's about it. The biggest reason is I simply can't afford it.

Prices - At the Game:
Ticket - $ 25.00
Parking - $ 10.00
2 Mediocre Beers - $ 16.00
2 Hot Dogs - $ 9.00
Nachos - $ 5.50
Total - $ 65.50

That's a pricey trip to the ball field! Sure, the price may fluctuate depending on whatever professional park you go to, and assuming during the course of three hours you consume the food listed. But remember, these prices are for one person alone. Add children, add more money. Even if you cut back by what you take into the park, kids may hound you for mementos of the day. Key chains, mascot figurines, T-shirts, jerseys, whatever. So yes, the price may change drastically. But the point is......
Adjusted price - $ 50.00 to $150.00

Prices - At home:
Ticket - Free
Parking - Free
2 Quality Beers - $ 4.50 (average price)
2 Hot Dogs - $ 2.00
Nachos - $ 3.50 (from Taco Bell)
Total - $ 10.00

And if you are like me, you are not watching the game alone. I tend to invite my friends over when I want to watch a game. If you have friends like my friends, one may bring over a couple six packs for everyone to share, another may bring a large bag of peanuts and just about everyone chips in for beer. Sometimes I end up with more beer in my fridge than what I began with, and left over pizza or chips. I almost make money hosting my own ball game.
Adjusted price - $ Free to free with more beer in my fridge.