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Friday, April 18, 2014

The Beach

The shoreline arched into a curve.
It stretched forever, this favoured beach.
A periodic fishing pier.

Blissful swimmers, the jet-ski's swerve.
Just several inches out of reach.
Irritating every Peer.

An eight year child will volunteer.
Her brothers help she will beseech.
Sand castles her career.

A bully kicks some sand, what nerve!
The scrawny nerd starts to screech.
Girlfriend tries to disappear.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tom & Jerry

Tom and Jerry - so many tales,
ever fight but none prevails.
With a mallet, they love to swing.
eternal fighting is their thing.

On a fishing wire Tom will trip,
then a banana peel makes Jerry slip.
A frying pan will always stun,
why do they think this tortures fun?


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Coati Mondi

Relaxing in Mexico all afternoon,
I spied an odd pest-like raccoon.

Flocking together as a bevy of quail,
proudly displaying their smooth ringed tail.

This Mexican begger has found a way,
to keep well fed from the food buffet.

As one approached I give a shout,
then he ran away with his crooked snout.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pwa Ga Nyaw Gloh

I try to talk -
but can you hear?
Are my words sounding clear?

Simply I will speak -
I hope that I am understood.
But is my language any good?

Read the script-
I shall not ignore.
Practice, practice, ever more.

Good job I hear-
How I wish this were true,
but still I have too much to do.

Give it time-
I will continue and persevere,
yes, it'll take longer than a year.


Monday, April 14, 2014


A delicious, rare and wonderful treat.
Something you should try to eat.
An exotic taste to bring delight,
with reddish meat or sometimes white.
Looks like it fell from outer-space,
But that has never been the case.
Most times it costs a lot of loot,
also called a Dragon Fruit.


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Have You Turned It Off And On Again?

R.a.n.t. of week 04/13/14
Remember back in the days when computers actually helped you accomplish tasks? Now all they do is sit there and cause problems. Either they are flooding my inbox with spam (more of an internet issue I know), or they are constantly needing 'updates'. How many updates does my computer need? It's always requesting an update for one program or another. Adobe, Itunes, Microsoft, Security Essentials, Firefox, the list could go on.

Lately I've also been having a problem with my computer running slow. No warning, just suddenly "Oh you want to do that? Okay, simple, easy. I just hope you don't mind waiting five minutes." The more advanced these computers seem to get, the slower they seem to become, despite the increase in memory or ram.
Moss: "HA! Memory IS R.A.M."

I refuse to call the IT department when I should be able to figure out simple computer problems myself. Speaking of IT departments, you ever wonder what IT actually stands for?
Jen: "What doesn't it stand for?"

Okay, so I CAN work through my own computer problems. But seriously, why so many problems lately? I'm fairly techno-saavy, but many of my friends are not. And these friends, for some reason, are always having weird and/or complex problems. Suddenly losing connection to the internet, music has vanished from their Itunes, sound suddenly becoming disabled, strange messages popping up or something else crazy all together. It can take a while, but eventually I get it sorted. Just wish there were not so many computer problems all the time. You'd think the Elders of the Internet would have a better handle on things. I have to admit though, when a friend calls and asks for help, the first thing I suggest is to turn the computer off and back on again. No really, you'd be surprised how often that actually fixes the problem.

IT Crowd
Jen: I have a lot of experience with the whole computer thing you know, emails, sending emails, receiving emails, deleting emails, the web. Using a mouse, mices, using mice. Clicking, double clicking. The computer screen, of course. The keyboard. The bit that goes on the floor.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday Guest Poem

I'm taking a poetic break on the weekends.
So today's poem is contributed.
Thanks for sharing!

As the moon is rising silently,
The sun is sinking in the sea,
He only seems to catch a glimpse,
of her pale & glowing innocence.
These two orbs that share the sky,
Day and night keep floating high,
Above the earth of blue and green,
Passing glances so serene.
Reflecting light that he supplies,
She shines amid the dark night skies,
But far apart they'll always be,
Alone for all eternity.

Kimberly Lyn