Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Love & Loss (Part 28)

Jenni's diary was the only thing of Jenni's I brought along. Along with it, a few letters Vicki had written to me when we were younger, some of her fashion collages, and for the most part pictures. Only a few of us together, mostly all her including one of her from when she was a child. During the flight, I ignored all of them, except the diary. I hadn't opened this, even after her mother had given it to me.

I know it was wrong to look into the diary, but it really didn't matter as it was the same as when I owned it originally with the exception of two additional entries. One was added about a week before the wedding regarding a tough decision she had to make. The final one was made on the day of our wedding. It was written in French, one of her side hobbies was learning the language.

It was just as well there wasn't much to read in the diary, I wasn't in a reading mood. I kept thinking what Vicki told me on the phone. Her news was grave indeed, but I wanted a few answers. Selfish? Maybe, but it had been 20 years. I was quiet, deep in meditation of the situation. Her words hurt me, despite the time past. Emotions filled me and I began to weep, just as a stewardess asked if I required anything.

I needed many things, nothing the stewardess could provide however. The rest of the flight I sat in silence, pondering. Once the plane landed, I made immediately to the taxi stand. Hurriedly I gave the driver the address of Vicki's house. I knew this was going to be awkward but it was something I had to do. Arriving at Vicki's house, I rang the front door. Her mother answered, obviously very distressed.

I wasn't sure who to expect, but it was just Vicki and her mother. Vicki was in a cot sleeping. She looked so peaceful and calm. Her mother went to put tea on so I grabbed a chair to wait for her to wake up. She stirred softly, then opened an eye. A faint smile crept across her face and she said 'you came'. My eyes watered and I replied, 'of course'. It was then I wished she told me sooner she was dying of cancer.

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