Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Love & Loss (Part 21)

I wasn't sure what her reaction would be. Would she think it was improper for me to call? Would she be okay with it? It's not like I was asking for her hand in marriage, I just wanted to talk. Like it or not, we were old friends. I was endeared to her new persona once more. And yet, why hadn't I called Darryl? Emotions make you do stupid things at times, especially when you're lonely. Regardless, I was elated to find she appreciated my call.

We talked for an hour. I don't recall what we chatted about. I remember wanting to tell her about Vicki, but not doing so. I wondered if Darryl would be jealous I called her. Once I finished with Jenni I decided I to call him, maybe invite him to a baseball game or something. He didn't answer, I found out later he was already on the phone with Jenni. She must have called right after hanging up with me.

They say great minds think alike. I use that more often when someone else just has the same idea as me. Turns out Jenni asked Darryl the same exact question I was going to. I know this because a minute later he called to invite me, saying it was Jenni's idea and she wondered what I was up to. I accepted the invite of course. Some things always surprised me about Jenni. That she was a Milwaukee Brewers fan was high on that list.

The ball game was great, we won of course. It was a good time and I really didn't feel like a fifth wheel as I thought I would. I have to hold onto that memory because it was a good one. Of course everything changes and things suddenly took a turn for the worse, or for the better. I guess it depends on how you look at it. Currently I'm not certain if it was good or not. It certainly wasn't good for Darryl, though he arguably brought it on himself.

After the ball game we were back at my place. All three of us were having a good time and I thought perhaps Darryl was easing off his jealousy. He then left to use the restroom or something. Once he did, Jenni gave me an odd sort of look. She went on to tell me how bad she felt for all the things she'd done to me, and how silly she was. She then told me she wished we had never broken up. Yes, that was exactly the moment Darryl walked back into the living room.

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