Friday, April 2, 2010

Love & Loss (Part 2)

I've always heard kids like to torment and tease each other as a form of endearment. That may be true, because Jenni and I became somewhat friends for a few years. But in 1978 (at the end of 2nd grade), her father took a job in Florida. This was the first time Jenni left me.

It shouldn't be hard to spot me. I'm almost exactly in the middle. As usual, almost by myself. Not hard to spot Jenni either. She's the one who looks like she's up to no good.

When you are a child things seem unchangeable. Whether someone arrives in your life or leaves, it seems written in stone for good. Flash forward 7 years. I was beginning my sophomore year in HS. Leaving my home-room I discovered Jenni was in the home-room right next to me. I wasn't certain if I should be glad or sad. Our relationship was always strained, at best.

Anyone that knows me, knows I'm the quiet and shy type. Perhaps it was this, or I was just using that as an excuse, but I decided not to call out to her. I decided it was perhaps for the best. Chances were she was going to be as annoying as she always had been. I headed towards my first class when she called out to me, using my nickname of course. The nickname she knew I was not keen on.

Sometimes I think back and wish I had kept going to my first hour class, I should have just ignored her. But then again, there were many good memories I had with her. To be honest, we became really good friends. So much so, that by 1986 you could almost say we were dating. My Junior year of HS we were a recognized couple.

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