Sunday, April 11, 2010

Love & Loss (Part 11)

I was so excited as I packed my bags for the trip. Vicki was really going to be surprised. I'm actually surprised I managed to save for the air-flight. I was a man of little means and the only work I had was through a temp agency. So scheduling time off was easier than saving for it. I called one last time before I left for the airport but Vicki was still not answering. I'd try once more after landing in Walla Walla.

As I was racing out of the house, the phone began to ring. I noticed from the caller ID it was Darryl. I really had no time to chat with him so I opted to find out what he wanted when I got back. Keep in mind, back then we didn't have cell phones. Sure we had car phones and cordless phones but the cell phone technology was a few years off yet, or at the least very hard to come by.

I really didn't tell anyone where I was going. Not that I had to check in with anyone either. I've always been known for my impulsive behaviour. Of course, this may have been one impulse I should have ignored. But it may have been just what I needed at the right time. I'm sure I won't have to tell you what happened next, though you may certainly be aware I will.

The flight to Washington wasn't interesting in itself, but I quickly took a fancy to writing down notes on a few of the people I saw sitting in the plane. I hoped to retain as much information as I could to use the next time I decided to do some writing. About the only good thing to come out of that trip was it helping to ignite a flame inside me for writing once more.

If I were to write a story of my life it would certainly be filled with many characters. Characters are essential to any captivating story. All the latest mystery behind Jenni could certainly inspire me to write a book or two. Katy, with her sing-song type voice always conjured up a mental image of a Homer-style modern day Siren; ever luring Darryl towards her.

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