Monday, September 19, 2016

Blog Hiatus & Return

R.a.n.t. of month September, 2016
It's time I let everyone know what's been going on. As most of my regular readers are aware, I love to write. But I have also not been around. I feel awful for this because a few have have shown concern and inquired how I'm doing, yet I have failed to respond. I sincerely apologize and shall endeavour to correct this. 

Please note: I'm not saying I don't want to reply, but I have failed in doing so, nonetheless. The failure was hinted in my last post. The 'technical difficulties' post. But the technical difficulties have mostly been in my head. I've been having a major bought of depression for the past few weeks (almost months). I've been dealing with a few things, (perhaps not major), but combined, they have taken a surprising toll on me. I have lost the motivation to do what I most naturally enjoy; writing, photography, language studies, spending time online, going out with friends, etc. etc. Quite a few days have involved me going to work, then heading home after and vegging out or going directly to bed.

But I've been starting to work on this. In fact, this weekend is the first I've actually tried to do something to correct this. I have started to de-clutter the closets in my apartment and I am currently in the middle of re-organizing the rooms. It can be so therapeutic, and I'm expecting some good results. Once again, I apologize for not getting back to those who have reached out to me. I shall be doing so today. My goal is to get back on track by the beginning of next month. I want to get back into my blog hops, if I'm still welcome. Thanks again to everyone for the concerns. Please bear with me, I shall be back.