Saturday, April 10, 2010

Love & Loss (Part 10)

Despite her remembering only things from before her abduction, she still was a kinder person. It was hard to understand so I guess I can understand her parents wanting to find out what truly happened to her. She mentioned to Darryl that one specialist suggested some sort of item from her past might be the key. Used as a sort of 'bridge' to close the gaps in her brain.

It was suggested the item should be something fairly personal. Jenni of course was not a very personable person so her parents were at a loss what to give her. They tried her High School yearbook, old photos of the family, even a toy she once played with. None of these items worked. It was then I remembered I still had something of Jenni's in my possession. And quite possibly, very personal to her.

Jenni never asked for her diary back, when we originally broke up. To be honest, I almost forgotten I still had it. Once I did recall, I debated giving it back to her. Sure, the specialists said it might help, but they also suggested many other tactics, none of which worked. I ultimately decided not to give her the diary. Perhaps it was to retain my one victory I achieved at her expense. Did this make me a clod? At any rate, I didn't really think it would work.

I pulled out Jenni's diary once, but that was about as far as it went. There wasn't much information inside, so I didn't see how she could miss it or how it might help her. I decided to keep her diary to myself. By 1990 I was almost back to calling Jenni a friend. It was sort of awkward as Darryl was her boyfriend. Turns out he was almost as adamant as her parents to figure out where she was during her abduction.

As the year moved along I tried to concentrate less on Jenni & Darryl and more on my relationship with Vicki. Suddenly she was harder and harder to get a hold of. She seemed to be doing a lot of studying at other friends dorms. Usually I could get Laura on the phone but even she was suddenly hard to reach. I decided the best thing to do was book a trip to Washington and surprise her. In retrospect, I wished I hadn't.

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