Saturday, April 17, 2010

Love & Loss (Part 17)

I arrived home at two in the afternoon. I threw my bag in a corner when I suddenly noticed a blinking light on my answering machine, an indication of a message. I was hesitant before listening as I wasn't sure I wanted to hear what Vicki had to say. I decided to get it over with as soon as possible. However, the message wasn't from Vicki, it was from Darryl. He asked if I knew anything about a diary Jenni once owned.

I wondered how Darryl knew about the diary, I never told him. I guessed Jenni mentioned it to him, somehow she recalled owning it. I could have lied about hanging onto the diary, but I wasn't that sort of person. The only reason I held onto it was because she never asked for it back. If there was any chance the diary might help unlock her memories I would have to help. Almost reluctantly, I called Darryl back.

I hoped Darryl wasn't going to answer the phone, but he picked up immediately. He asked where I had been but I opted not to tell him about my trip to Walla Walla. The last thing I wanted to get out was how I impulsively wasted so much money on something so fruitless. Jenni was visiting him and asked about the diary. Either Darryl didn't hear her or assumed I did, either way I ignored the question and told him I would be right over.

Darryl still lived with his parents back then and they were only a few blocks from my house. I decided to walk over as I was in no rush. The fresh air and walk would do me good. Besides, I wanted to clear my head before having another run-in with Jenni. I know she changed but I still saw the same person who broke up with me a few years ago, before being abducted.

I arrived at Darryl's house half an hour later. I was shocked to find she had passed out and was laying on his couch. He told me she was acting irregular for a few days, especially after her psychologist suggest she keep a diary. It was then she remembered owning one. Suddenly she sprang up mumbling something incoherently then looked directly at me and asked if I brought her diary. She fainted away again as Darryl looked at my empty hands.

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