Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Jeffrey Scott's - Best of the Blog - 2014

Good news and bad news this year. Then more bad news followed by mediocre news. Then there is... Oh never mind, let me just get to the point. Last year I challenged myself to have at least something produced in each category; r.a.n.t., poetry and photography. I gave it a good try for a few months, but soon found it to be quite the challenge. My blogging was so much of a challenge in fact, that for a few months the only entries offered were from a few guest bloggers. So I not only failed in my goal for the year but I almost allowed my blog to come to an end. But the good news is I didn't. Since my blog hiatus, I have strived to do what I do best, r.a.n.t. away. But I did do something different this year, I started to summarize each week with a poem. Like always, there are some I absolutely love, and others I totally despise. So which ones do I enjoy? And what is the best way for me to let you in on which I feel are the best and most entertaining blog entries for the past year? You guessed it, I've selected what I feel are the Best of the Blog of 2014. If you find a topic that interests you, just click the link and read away. I'll be very interested to hear what you think of it.

And, as always, leave a comment, share on your social media page, "like" it or just email me with your thoughts. I'm always looking for input, always looking for people who are willing to guest blog and always willing to post run on sentences. Thanks for reading. I truly hope you enjoy what you find here.

Fun With Colours - Experimented with photographing colours.
Accidental Wrap - I hate when I spill my coffee.
Chit Chat - I find it hard to "Chit-Chat"
Guest Blogger
(Professor Sanee) No Go Greyhound - Sanee describes a horrible experience on the bus. Awful and humorous at the same time.

Ground-hog Day Filming Location - Woodstock Illinois
Super Bowl 48 Review - More precisely, commercial review.
Guest Blogger
(Jenni Long) Making Plans - Tips on being a responsible guest.

Madness in March - I try my hand at guessing who will win March Madness. SPOILER ALERT! - I don't do very well.
The Eternal Winter - What I hate and love about Winter.

Holding Hands - A poem I wrote for my dad.
Super Man - What I would do if I were super.
National Poetry Month - A month of increased poetry activity inspired this.
Pitaya - Have you ever tried this odd fruit?
Humming Bird - One of my favourite photos couple with a poem about my favourite bird.
Showing Appreciation - How and when should one thank another? Find out here.
Have You Turned it Off & On Again? - It's always fun when you are having computer problems.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame - Go to the game, bring your wallet.

Guest Bloggers
(Charles Winthrop) A Thing of Beauty - Part 140 - What is beauty? Is it the same as value?

Guest Bloggers
(Professor Sanee) The Impossible Girl - What does it mean for something to be 'impossible'?

Guest Bloggers
(Jenni Long) Stop Being Insecure - Jenni answers reader questions ala Dear Abby

The Fool - Who thinks they are special? Only the fool.
Random Rants II - For once, I let many random people rant away. I follow up with my own replies.

Spider - I wrote this after I saw a spider in my bathroom.
Getting Lost - I'm always frustrated when I get lost.
Guest Bloggers
(Charles Winthorp) The American Radio - Part 41 - Charles shares his notes of songs currently playing on the radio.

Socks on Fox - A Dr. Suess inspired poem.
Where Do the Socks Go? - Really, where do they go?

Stay - Do you like to roam or stay put?
Winters Door - Please close the door. Especially in Winter.
Open Door Policy - My solutions to help others remember to close doors in Winter.

Most Read Blog Posts of 2014
Top 10 Blog Articles of 2014: January - June (According to Web Hits)
1.) 417 - R.a.n.t. - Super Bowl 48 Review - 02/02/14
2.) 318 - Poem - Psychrolutes Marcidus - 04/23/14
3.) 153 - Poem - Drizzly Days & Tuesdays - 04/08/14
4.) 152 - Poem - Coati Mondi - 04/16/14
5.) 133 - R.a.n.t. - Cud Chewin' - 02/23/14
6.) 128 - Photography - Woodstock Illinois; Groundhog Day Filming Location - 02/02/14
7.) 90 - R.a.n.t. - Spring Ahead - 03/09/14
8.) 81 - R.a.n.t. - No Go Greyhound - 01/12/14
9.) 72 - R.a.n.t. - Leave the Despising to Us - 01/19/14
10.) 72 - R.a.n.t. - Done With American Football - 01/05/14

Top 10 Blog Articles of 2014: July - December (According to Web Hits)
1.) 83 - R.a.n.t. - The Impossible Girl - 07/13/14
2.) 72 - R.a.n.t. - Random Rants II - 09/28/14
3.) 58 - R.a.n.t. - Open Door Policy - 12/14/14
4.) 54 - R.a.n.t. - Stop Being Insecure - 08/24/14
5.) 48 - R.a.n.t. - Getting Lost - 10/06/14
6.) 47 - R.a.n.t. - Don't Put Me In A Box - 10/12/14
7.) 42 - R.a.n.t. - Where Do the Socks Go? - 11/16/14
8.) 41 - Poem - Spider - 10/02/14
9.) 40 - R.a.n.t. - Shiny Happy People - 12/07/14
10.) 38 - R.a.n.t. - Abandoned - 11/02/14

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