Friday, December 26, 2014

Spock, I Am

On a planet far away.
Lives a race so very rare.
They neither laugh in sheer delight,
nor other moods of great despair.

The Vulcan Spock was very keen.
He daily had to fight the urge.
Emotions what he felt inside.
'Twas this he strived so hard to purge.

Half human was he, did you know?
So meditation was the key.
Don't debate how emotions are a prize.
'Cause logically he'd disagree.

Vulcans thought a purge was best.
For their history, a violent time.
Anger, madness, gloomy moods,
soon became a planet crime.

Happiness was also gone,
and other feelings bringing joy.
Emotionless they proved to be,
which thusly angered Doc McCoy.


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