Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Winter's Door

An open door
in Winter is,
annoying as
a math pop-quiz.

Keep the door closed
if you can.
At least for me
that is the plan.

I do not like
a chilly breeze.
So help me out now
if you please.

You'll find for me
it's not okay.
To wait out Winter
in dismay.

If you need a lesson
I will teach.
Don't be surprised
if it's a speech.

I resist the urge
for me to hire.
A doorman's not
what I require.

Perhaps it's time
for me to weld,
the door secured...
I am compelled.

Office can through
a window stroll,
while neighbour upstairs
slides down a pole.

Or ask my grandma
to sit and stare,
and tsk those daft,
who boldly dare

to leave the door
open, so taboo.
Annoying as a
monkey throwing poo.


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