Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Psychrolutes Marcidus

My favourite fish looks like a blob.
Perfect mascot for a human slob.
He asked a girl out on a date,
she replied, 'You're over-weight.
And then she added, very cruel,
'You're an ugly, stupid, silly fool'.
'Loving you would be so funny,'
'Unless, of course, you've lots of money'.
She swam into the murky dark,
when suddenly appeared an evil shark.
Despite the hurtful taunts she gave,
he went to help 'cause he was brave.
The shark put up a terrible fight,
but in the end succumbed to fright.
The girl, I'm sure, was most confused,
our hero pummelled, badly bruised.
He asked again, though on the mend.
She laughed harder still.
The End.



  1. We can all relate to the poor blob fish. Life can be rough sometimes!