Monday, April 1, 2013

April Poetry Contest (It's A Game)

April is poetry month. To help inspire others to write a poem, I've decided to play a game with everyone on my blog. What I'm going to do each week is present a few rhyming words and a choice of themes. Your job is to craft the words into a poem.

For example, I offer the words 'Sing & Bring' and give you a topic of 'Books'. You would then write a short poem using those words, in that order, with each line ending in each word.

Reading makes me want to sing,
Song books to me you must bring.

If you want to break up each line so it looks better, I won't object.

Reading make me
   want to sing.
Song books to me
   you must bring.

Remember: All words provided must be used and in the same order.

This weeks challenge:


Theme (Pick just one):
Teens Driving Cars
New York City

I'll pick a winner next week, along with a new challenge.
Have fun with the topic or be serious. You decide.
You can devise your own theme if you really want to, but extra credit is awarded for utilizing one of the themes provided.

Leave your entry in the comments.


  1. I slithered onto stage
    Rife with fear and rage
    And from their stares I sensed
    The boa wrap and press against
    The armour under my sweater -
    Rattlers for this trick would've been better.

  2. On the New York City stage
    Her line was to be spoke in rage.
    Deep within her heart she sensed
    the hostility she was so much against.
    Slowly zipping open like a cardigan sweater
    conflicting emotions, acted none better.