Sunday, March 31, 2013

I 'Like' It

R.a.n.t. of week 03/31/13
Some things can be bitter-sweet. For example, this entry. Bitter in the sense it points out a fault I have with people on various networking sites, but sweet in the sense if you are reading this, it doesn't apply to you. As a writer and poet; photographer and comedian, there is no better reward than to hear compliments of a job well done. It heightens the feeling of accomplishment. So that's why I find it difficult to understand when certain ones simply 'like' something, and that's as far as it goes. Even a general note of 'nice read' or 'love the photo' illustrates the person took the time to read the thing I wrote, or spent time looking at the photo I posted. I guess the negative feeling is intensified when I see how many other people get such a favourable response and varied input into the things they post. Keep in mind though, I also appreciate constructive criticism. I'm not clamouring solely for accolades. If you have good input, and it's constructive, I'd love to hear it.

As I started this entry out; if you are reading this, I'm not directing this at you. Mostly because even though I don't always get input in the form of a comment here, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, I do hear back from people IRL or on the phone. I also know I do have a fan base that reads things regularly but don't always contribute a comment. That's their way and I'm fine with it, because I know they do appreciate the dedication I put into my craft. But there is a trend on some of the social media sites to simply "like" something, just because it's posted. Without giving it a second glance. In essence, it's kind of like saying, "It's nice you posted this, but I'm not going to waste my time looking at it."

So much for being positive in this r.a.n.t. as I was hoping to do this week. I may complain about others ranting and raving, but have to admit. Sometimes I 'like' it.


  1. Sometimes, I write nice read or interesting, because the piece goes against my beliefs- and I don't want to engage in an argument; other times, the piece could be interesting- but poorly written, so I don't want my name found on the page; or, it was a great idea- not completed well. (This does not apply to you- just explaining the thoughts some others may have...)

    1. I always appreciate your comments. I admit I can be pretty bad at leaving comments, but usually make sure to leave some sort of a comment if I see the person does not have any other comments. It might not be the right idea, but if a post has a 'ton' of comments already, I at times feel funny leaving a comment, feeling like I'm just saying the same thing others have already stated.