Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dodo Bird

Dodo bird, where have you gone?
a flightless fowl and so distinct.
We can not find you any more,
why did you have to go extinct?

Discovered there upon a time,
on the island of Mauritius.
you welcomed them, with open wings
till they found you so delicious.

Why didn't you all just run away,
it's so hard to understand.
Least I can visit when I read,
all 'bout Carroll's Wonderland.



  1. Hi Jeffrey - David Attenborough fairly recently did a programme on their demise ... and how they were hunted to extinction. There wasn't anything else to eat ... and their eggs were wonderfully nutritious. I'm sure you'd find the film on one of your tv channels ... should you wish to look sometime. They pieced the egg shells together, which still litter Mauritius ... and surmised that they could never breed or succeed ... because the eggs were eaten. I can't quite remember the details - but think that's probably it! Cheers Hilary

    1. Wow! Yes, I'd LOVE to see that programme. I'll have to hunt it down and watch it.