Thursday, April 25, 2013


It's been a long road,
getting from there to here.
Quantum leaps in travel
help explore the vast frontier.

Exploration is essential
for the Federations birth.
But do not stray too far from home
in case a swath is cut into Earth.

Captain Kirk's a valiant fighter,
in a while his shirt is torn.
He's fought Pon-Far crazy Vulcan's
and an irate lizard Gorn.

Scotty is a miracle worker,
Uhura, Sulu, Checkov too.
Bones reminds us he's a doctor
The Enterprise's finest crew.

Q liked to torment old Picard
and introduced us to the Borg.
thank for nothing vile creature.
Wolf 359 is now a morgue.

Once again the ships in danger,
an unknown alien, vicious attack.
Saving the ship is ensign Wesley,
all before his noon-time snack.

Serving station Deep Space Nine,
Starfleets first Defiant Class
Worf commands her with a passion,
Not many would ever dare harass.

Benjamin Sisko, diplomatic leader,
the emissary of all Bajor.
Not afraid to get hands dirty,
to help them win Dominion war.

Captain Janeway and the Maquis,
kind of like 'Lost in Space'.
travel home with Talaxian Neelix
and Tom Paris in disgrace.

The ship can land upon a planet,
who came up with that weird design?
I won't waste much time to wonder.
I'd rather ponder Seven of Nine.


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