Monday, April 29, 2013


Stopping briefly at the traffic light,
I spot a discarded bottle of Sprite.
Looking again there's a torn rag,
and floating in the air a Wal-Mart bag.
Some discarded moldy, uneaten food,
or maybe the remains of an upset mood.
Ten or so, different colors of gum,
along with a transients empty bottle of rum.
Several more litres of various liqueur,
a McDonald's Big-Mac Styrofoam container.
The offender assumes his trash isn't big,
but they all add up, you little pig!



  1. But, they believe it's a job creation effort...

    1. People find anything they do easy to rationalize. That doesn't mean the reason is realistically rational.

  2. Ha! I love this! I can't believe people are lame enough to throw trash out their windows. I'd like to dump my smelliest trash bag all over them while they sleep. I hear there is a judge in the midwest who likes to get creative with his sentencing. Perhaps he can start a movement to make that the penalty...

    I digress... Nice poem. :)

    1. That is funny. When I see people throw trash out their windows, I sometimes wish I had the super power to teleport the tossed trash into their bed, waiting for them when they get home.