Thursday, April 18, 2013


Julian was usually
an inquisitive sort,
and the kind of odd doctor
that liked to cavort.

With his good friend Miles
he'd drink synthetic beer,
Quark served them quite many
often resembling veneer.

Miles wife Keiko
would tease them with verse,
with an old Japanese haiku
she'd often rehearse.

"Drink with a Klingon
is only slightly better
then the Wrath of Kahn"

Miles and Julian,
they liked to canoe.
Flowing water a symbol,
life's hard to pursue.

No matter how dedicated
you work at your chores,
you're suddenly stumbling
like a drunk into doors.

Though often than not,
Julian had much more grace.
Quiet times he liked checking
the stations friendface.

He'd banter with several
while imbibing a Brandy.
Snarky, fun, friends like,
Peggy, Aimee, Lisa and Sandi.

When Julian was searching
for plots and intrigue.
The Cardassian Garak
he was often in league.

The stations life had a way
of appearing quite grim.
So keeping active was Julian's key
for renewed vigour and Vim.



  1. What a fun poem! Love the final line... vigour and vim. :) I like vim. :)

    1. Oh yea, you love odd words. Just like me.

  2. Rock on with your bad self Jeffrey!! You owned it!! :D