Monday, April 30, 2012


Every once in a while
people swear and they cuss,
though others around
may not know what's the fuss.

The problem you see
is when life is a bore.
People stirring up problems
that've happened before.

The hero that's starring
in this return to the pen,
is a writer of stories
who hides in his den.

One day he was tortured,
a bully smeared him with honey.
But what she didn't know
he just came into money.

The bully he dealt with
once said they should marry,
then pushed him around.
How he dreaded that Carrie.

With the dough he came into
he bought a theme park.
But it wasn't your typical,
this one was dark.

Deep underground
was his hidden base lair.
Had a wall full of monitors
at which he would stare.

On staff at all times
he hired three men.
Scientist chaps,
Larry, Dobie and Ben.

As happened before
they were always at work
Till something bad happened,
'cause one was a jerk.

One day in the theme park
Carrie was eating a scone,
so Ben kidnapped her
and created a clone.

He tried to be secret
but he wasn't too safe,
the clone went missing
when her bindings did chaff.

He realized what happened
when rides started to sink
His Carrie clone project
was another 'Missing Link'.

Our writer friend hero
had no time to act.
But he pooled his resources,
and THAT is a fact!

His two other friends
would help in this cause.
They created a land-shark
and called his name jaws.

The battle commenced
but the clone had to boast,
before it was over
she destroyed the East Coast.

Tragedy was realized,
Dobie perished of course.
On top of all that,
Larry's voice was now hoarse.

Carrie was released
but that wasn't his fault.
So the government forced
all his projects to halt.

The Felony sentence
punished him several ways.
A stiff fine for one,
and no writing for days.

The theme park was closed
officers burnt all the files.
But the stories not done,
Carrie stole all the vials.


This poem is actually a continuation of a set of poems I wrote when I was younger.
The full collection can be found: HERE

Sunday, April 29, 2012


The Planets,
Spinning round.
Quasars Pulsing.
Asteroids within a belt.
Infinite Galaxies arraigned in groups.
The cold and blackness of empty space.
Nebula, birthplace of the stars.
186,000 miles per second,
the speed of light.
Gravity Well, a
Black Hole.


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Too Late

How I hate the things not done,
Waiting for a better time.

Procrastinating, holding off,
finish when I have the time.

A better time, it rarely comes,
running out the time to do.

Then suddenly I have the time, but
It is too late.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Talk To Her

Never have I been so bold,
I've always been so shy.
Crippled ever by my fear,
unlike every other guy.

I saw her glancing my way,
but still I couldn't know,
Was it me she's looking for
and would our friendship grow?

I wondered this through the night,
I just couldn't make my move.
I would greet her, she would laugh,
what ever would that prove?

Then I remembered something,
the famous Jackson sung,
splendid words to keep in mind
to motivate my tongue

"I know I'm gonna know her,
gotta get over my fright,
just gonna walk up to her,
gonna talk to her tonight."

This inspired me to go,
twas then that I did see
she grew tired of waiting
and came to talk to me.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Train

The train is coming,
let's go see,
it's coming down the track.

Soon it will be stopping,
filling up,
then be on it's way.

Wonder where it's heading,
where it went,
and whose on-board.

The train is ready,
whistle blows,
it pulls into the night.

I think it's so impressive,
wave goodbye,
forever chugging on.


* Photo used compliments of Visual Stimulus Photo Art

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Devastating power,
a wonder to behold,
Can you imagine chasing one?
I couldn't be so bold.

In just a sudden second,
the twister hits the ground,
trying its best to insure,
that nothing will be found.

The mighty whirlwind has engulfed,
a defenceless little town,
taking barns and chickens
and spreading bits around.

The tiny Kansas borough,
feels as they've been skinned,
everything they've known and loved,
has been taken by the wind.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tactile Feelings

Smooth as silk,

Course as bricks,
and Tough,

Gritty as sand,

Ticklish as grass,
Having fun



In the stream of time
it sure is weird
that we never meet
until we dream.


Monday, April 23, 2012


The day has come to an end,
the sun slowly ebbs away.
Done the problems we have faced,
finished the daily strife.

Time to reflect, and time
to think things through.
In tranquil peace,
the ending of another day.

Pausing, suddenly,
staring at the dying sun.
Meditate on what's important.
The beauty within our lives.



‘I recognize him’, she said with a grin,
her lips smiled, yet somehow chagrin.
But he doesn’t notice her at all,
she ponders the thought to force out a call.
She decides to follow – as if something’s amiss.
‘I wonder if anyone else would be crazy enough to do this?’

She sees all this with a faint heart and a glow,
for if she introduces herself their love must surely grow.

She is now happy; she has finally found peace,
‘I pray that our love never will cease.’


Sunday, April 22, 2012


Falling, tumbling
from the sky.

You left your place
way up high.

Softly, gently
as if to fly.

You fall upon
every guy.

You fall on me,
So I can cry.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Queen's Market

As I was travelling across this land,
I found a place that was really grand.

Exotic fruits and fabrics galore,
selling services, ever more.

Not selling the typical things you know
the boring beverages which freely flow,

in the likes of Aldi or Tesco.
So to Queen's Market let's us go.


Friday, April 20, 2012


'What is this verse?' Some may say.
'Why would you want to write this way?

To some it's just a lot of words,
or morbid dreary raven birds.

But when you look at what is said,
they are thoughts from in my head.

Yes, some are funny as can be,
Which makes sense, because that's me.

Others depressing, you have seen.
who hasn't felt a little green?

I also write 'bout happy times,
things I've seen, all put to rhymes.

And I will write so much more
who knows what else could be in store?

I may write 'bout a sunny day,
the Queen's Market or Paradise Bay

A raindrop poem, which would be swell,
or something local like Pryor Well

What exactly is poetry?
It's all the thoughts inside of me.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Park

A tranquil place to take a walk.
See the beauty in the trees.
As we stroll we like to talk.
And hope we don't see any bees.

We continue on to see the flowers,
and spot a boy who likes to fish.
A park can have such awesome powers,
to bring about your every wish.

At some point we should all retire,
and get away from work or flat.
If beauty is what you desire,
the park is truly where it's at,


Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Who? Who?
Is it you?

Who? Who?
Why do you ask?

Who? Who?
Just stop it now!

I'm so tired,
of these little games.

Act your age,
And please stop hiding.

Who? Who?
I've had enough!

Now I am done.
Please do not ask me any more.

Who? Who?
This joke has gone on long enough!

Ask again, I swear to you,
I will truly go insane.

I can not handle what you do,
What are you trying to put me through?

Who? Who?


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Not Wanted

Feeling rejected
Has never been a joy
For either one involved.

is what you claim
because I have a crush.

It's ridiculous
yes, that I understand
you do not have to tell me.

Deep emotional
thoughts are what I have
but what you do not think of,

this burning pain
within me forcing me to act
is not what I foster and stoke.

It's not wanted.
No, I didn't ask to be beguiled
I didn't ask for infatuation.

It's not wanted!
Do you really think I wished
to pursue an impossible goal?

I never wanted to feel like this
a hopeless realization that I'm,
Not Wanted!


Monday, April 16, 2012

My Inspiration

Not many seem to understand,
why I like to go.
When I want to be inspired,
and searching for a story.
The airport, it is just the place,
to help people get away.
But I don't buy a ticket
something else does instead.
My inspiration comes from those,
walking all about.
Their faces tell me stories
whether true or not.
First I see a couple,
who have been apart to long.
He walks to her straight away,
he does not want to wait.
Also getting off the plane
a family numbering four,
the wife is tired and cranky
and he is stressed and torn.
A student quickly brushes past
he seems to know his way,
though he is travelling by himself
he seems as happy as can be.
One travel is quiet and fretting,
another has lost his phone,
still another looking for his friends
and others the luggage bay.
Why have they arrived
and where do they go?
Is this their first flight
or been travelling for years?
The terminal finally starts to clear
as the passengers have moved on.
Finally the flight crew emerge
possibly staying for just the night.
Everyone has a special tale
no story exactly the same.
I make them up as they go
They are my inspiration.

My Poem

A short poem
is the best poem
and my favourite poem
is this poem.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Moonlit Walk

Hanging, shining, way up high,
sits the moon against the sky.

Shines for us to see our way,
so from our path we will not stray.

It looks upon us as we walk,
for in its glow we like to talk.

Hand in hand with my best friend,
I'll walk with her until its end.

But I know that will never be.
And she will always walk with me.

Forever will not come too soon,
it's as timeless as the moon.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

London Calling

Oh London how I miss you much
The hustle and bustle
and the daily rush.

Whether travelling through the underground,
or visiting the parks
found all around.

From the wondrous sights of the West End
to the tolling of
the famed Big Ben.

Visiting the Queen at Buckingham Gate.
And having a pint
with my favourite mate.

One thing which can make me sigh,
visiting the Thames
and the London Eye.

The sound is not of the Bridge falling,
but what I hear
is London Calling.


Lonely Heart

From places lost and long forgotten
I seek refuge and a place to hide,
to escape the world around me
thought it’s an empty indulgent ride.

The evil darkness closes in
and I search for that shining light
that once so profusely lit my life
and adjusted matters aright.

The darkness isn’t as frightening
with the arrival of the dooming date
when you, my love, lead on my heart
to corroborate my lasting fate.

I fear the morn' without your touch
oh, much sorrow there that day
to tell a tale of you in peril
any ransom I would pay.

The world is young and so am I
which explains my damaged part,
the sight, a touch, a single kiss
from you... will revive my lonely heart.


Written Circa 1989

Letter To My Love

Time is very precious
and I have many things to say,
so let me speak my peace
before you go away.
It may trouble you to hear this
but I love you endlessly,
I tried to say this all before
but failed so miserably.
So I must tell you this in poetry
my thoughts are most sincere,
in parts I may sound grievous
and in parts I shed a tear.
I know that you may be in pain
because you loved him so,
yet I love you even now
and my love will ever grow.
If you find in your heart
the slightest love for me,
and if it makes you happy
do not keep it within thee.
So before you go your separate way
it is time that you decide,
will your heart be with me
or will I be pushed aside?
And even though some distancemay happen to set us apart,
we shall never be alone
but remaining in the heart.
This is all I wish to say
these words my mouth won’t form,
the thoughts within my head
burst forth in one poetic swarm.
Closing now this letter of love
the deepest thoughts within my mind,
I make known my sincerity
A most elevated kind.


written circa 1989

Labyrinth of Life

The boy was lost
of this he was certain
took too man wrong paths
in this labyrinth of life.
Every time he set out
on a different course
it would always end the same
the path blocked his way.
He knew he had to find
that one special way
which would lead him to freedom
as such was his goal.
He feared the thought
or the realization
of the evil Minotaur
just waiting to kill.
He’s beginning to give up hope
that he’ll ever get out
trapped for all time
in this sinister game.
But he knows he must try
he must keep on the watch
for the path to his life
the fulfillment he sought.



Lament - regretting we didn’t meet sooner.
Obsess - a thought we share together.
Vows - promises we make each other.
Emotions - feelings of intensity; happy, glad, sorry, sad.


Friday, April 13, 2012


Some have told me
I'm not very smart.
But I think you should
only trust your heart.

You would love me
if you only knew,
My love is only
all for you.

There's no other
that I prize,
and you could tell
if I looked in your eyes.

But you ignore me,
my eternal gloom.
As if you discovered
the girl in the other room.

Truthfully I tell you,
this is no con.
there is no other
from this moment on.

Cancel the restraining order,
especially tonight's.
Or must I endure
more quiet nights.


Thursday, April 12, 2012


Keep this
piece of advice,
when you really
want to entice.

It is something
oh so grand,
shared by everyone
over this land.

Simple is
the way to go,
when done in rain
or the freshly snow.

Stupid people
are in bliss,
but complicate
a simple kiss.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jazzy Evening

Smooth and easy
Light and mellow,
all alone.

Listen now
to set the mood,
and rectify my

Close my eyes
I drift away,
troubles vanish
from this day.

Takes me far
away to see,
forgetting problems
is the key.

Life simply has
more pizzazz,
when you include
your daily jazz.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012


How I love to smell your scent,
you must be from heaven sent.
When you flit and dance about,
no greater feeling, there's no doubt.
I cannot hold you, that is true,
but you are worthy to pursue.
Glowing like an ember, hot,
I adore you quite a lot.
How my feelings are intense,
I love you more than my incense.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Hospital Tragedy

Quicken with care,
need is urgency.

Get the info,
who is this guy?

Expect the worst,
won't wait happily.

Crying, weeping,
call the elders.

Say goodbye,
write obituary.


Sunday, April 8, 2012


Green and lush,
a wonder to behold.
Soft and fertile,
invitation sold.

I remove my shoes
and my socks are rolled.
My adulthood
has been placed on hold.

Toes are free
Grass is cold.
In with the bugs
and perhaps some mold.

Stickers, thorns
and something old.
Back go the shoes
Done being bold.


The Group

They sit on the steps as a lonely ol' troop,
forgotten, unseen, with not much to say.

They tell the tale so often sung,
when they tried to reach out
but were briskly tossed back.

An insatiable thirst to end all the pain,
leaves them nowhere but back to scorched hearts.

And what do they learn from another sad heart?
Just another saga of the crushing,
the bleeding, and the weeping.

'Cheer up!' says a voice that is not of their crowd,
he then walks away with his fiancée.

So the group begin to tell another round,
they don't find what they want,
but they have each other.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fire Engine

Fire Engine,
on its way,
go and take a look.

Fire Engine,
busy day,
Onward to its goal.

Hurry along,
very loud,
you must get there soon.

Hurry along,
there's a crowd,
excitement in the air.

Fire Engine,
flashing lights,
time to get to work.

Fire Engine,
tragic nights,
You did the best you could.


Friday, April 6, 2012


You do not choose them,
that is true.
But you tend to love them,
what can you do?

The bonding is strong,
for many years.
You enjoy such good times
and whether the tears.

Yes, fights do happen
you do not prize,
And Quickly forgotten
if your wise.

The good times are there,
and even more.
Don't think about it,
who's keeping score?

Laughing and joking,
tears and pain.
It's part of the family
though seems insane.


The Poets Life

The mind of the poet is hard to elucidate,
he lives not a life of ease.
Pain, suffering, an inexplicable sorrow
drives him to his life’s calling.

And even I must battle the shadow,
the looming fear of nonacceptance.
Tis less likely I shall remain on top
than those of another clan.

How do I describe my pain?
Am I perhaps the unfriendly sort?
Alas, I cry aloud – my mouth will not speak,
so I leave the job to my feathery plume.

And such is the life I lead,
the note pad my best friend.
Though I can’t speak of my shadows,
I use the only way known to let them out.


*There are a few of my poems in this list that are very old. This is once of them. This, actually, is one of my first poems. The ultimate goal was to try and write something that didn't rhyme. Even then I was trying to do something different and step outside my comfort zone.

My Little Love

I had a little love once,
to who I do appreciate.
For she helped me along,
and to her I do celebrate.

My little love gave me assistance,
with her intelligence and charm.
Though she didn't know her depth,
she shielded me from harm.

My love was always unaware,
but she gave my heart an extra shove,
to continue searching for that woman
who will take over for my little love.


* Notes - I wrote this poem many years ago, (probably about 15 years ago). It's about an unrequited love interest, who was totally unaware I was infatuated with her.

A Memory Of A Girl

I’ve got a memory from my past.
A certain girl whom I once knew.
She sneaks up on me throughout the year.
I ignore her, but she hides about.
I dismiss her, yet she lingers.
I wanted her with me, but not this way.
I’m forgotten by her and I
Wish my memory, I could forget.
revised, 06 August, 2012

*Notes - This is another poem I wrote over 15 years ago. In its original content, it was hardly a poem and all over the place. I decided to clean it up a bit; this was the result.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Never ending,
Forever long,
Yes I know eternity.

Constant wait,
endless void,
otherwise known - eternity.

Where you go,
is where you've been,
this defines eternity.

A single step,
in this hour,
How I hate the DMV.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012


It'll never be the same
when someone you love dies.
despite the hope you have inside,
everybody cries.

You miss their every action
even those you did despise
you say you will be okay,
but everybody lies.

I think I'll sleep in.

* * *

I pull myself together
and battle through the gray,
but feeling very lonely
each and every day.

I dream about the woman
who'd chase the pain away,
but she's in love with another
their affection on display.

I think I'll go lay down.

* * *

I really hate myself
though I do not make this known
Feeling like a failure
the prize that's all my own.

The intensity of this feeling
is like a sinking stone
surrounded by my many friends
but I always feel alone.

I think I'll go to bed early.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Counting Sheep

I was awake last night
And what did I hear?
Nothing, nothing, nothing
It was nothing I fear.

For I love the late sounds
In the wee of the night.
Be it the wind through the trees
Or my neighbors who fight.

The rain pattering softly
Or the cars whizzing by.
Grand is each hour
I listen, when in bed I lie.

For when I give in
As I drift off to sleep.
The sounds are enacted
Performed in my sleep.


The Car Ride

Early morning,
the worlds asleep.
But I am up and ready.

I could sleep in,
turn on my side
and lounge the day away.

I have a date,
so I must flee
it's time for me to ride.

I have no course,
there is is no plan.
Ahead, my only destination.

The air is fresh,
the birds are singing.
As I travel on this lonely road.

Window down,
I feel the brush
of the world passing by.

I sit in silence,
I have no companion.
I do not say a single word.

I like to think,
let my mind wander.
But not of my daily woes.

Time for me,
I'm all alone.
To enjoy my country drive.


*A note on this entry. Though my attempt is to match each new poem with a new photo, I cheated on this photo. This photo was actually taken by a friend of mine, and given to me as a gift in a picture frame. I opted to use this photo because I really like it, and think it's so much better than any photo I could have taken of my actual car. A Toyota is not exactly what I'd call a poem worthy car.

Monday, April 2, 2012


Every day is that time of the year.
To ask your tender or favorite cashier.
Receiving the drink that we all cheer.
Just like the men of the old frontier.
To waste a drop is my biggest fear.
I've got a thirst, let's have a beer.


Time goes on, time continues, time resumes.
While we individually try to evaluate our lives.
At least I do, and I’d like to let you know,
regardless of all the pain I’ve suffered in my life,
and with all my many problems,
all are forgotten when I’m with you.
Yet if you need some time to come to terms
with your life or responsibilities, I’ll let you know
that I’ll wait the time with you. And finally when
you decide the time has come, I’ll be near waiting.

Love is a wonderful thing, laughs at past harms,
mocks the passing of time, and strengthens the inner person.
So for all the good or evil in the world, through all of time,
no matter where we may be, I shall surrender
myself to you. If this is how you think, and if this is what
you feel, if this is what you believe, if this is what
Jehovah allows, may we go forth in all these beliefs.


Sorry, I am.
I was so late.
Time has been lost,
of that I do hate.

Slowly it slips
the hour and day,
but my tasks I will finish
there must be some way.


Sunday, April 1, 2012


The McIntosh is highly sought,
to many it's a great provider.
For making pies and applesauce,
and tasty sweet, warm apple cider.

When you want one very tart,
you can have one, that's no myth.
Crunchy, juicy, and so green,
you will love the Granny Smith

Of all the apples, just one more.
is received to be nutritious.
like all the rest it's full of taste
and claims to be Red & Delicious.


At My Desk

The work comes in
I sit in awe,
Should I keep up
Or break the law.