Saturday, April 14, 2012

Letter To My Love

Time is very precious
and I have many things to say,
so let me speak my peace
before you go away.
It may trouble you to hear this
but I love you endlessly,
I tried to say this all before
but failed so miserably.
So I must tell you this in poetry
my thoughts are most sincere,
in parts I may sound grievous
and in parts I shed a tear.
I know that you may be in pain
because you loved him so,
yet I love you even now
and my love will ever grow.
If you find in your heart
the slightest love for me,
and if it makes you happy
do not keep it within thee.
So before you go your separate way
it is time that you decide,
will your heart be with me
or will I be pushed aside?
And even though some distancemay happen to set us apart,
we shall never be alone
but remaining in the heart.
This is all I wish to say
these words my mouth won’t form,
the thoughts within my head
burst forth in one poetic swarm.
Closing now this letter of love
the deepest thoughts within my mind,
I make known my sincerity
A most elevated kind.


written circa 1989