Monday, April 30, 2012


Every once in a while
people swear and they cuss,
though others around
may not know what's the fuss.

The problem you see
is when life is a bore.
People stirring up problems
that've happened before.

The hero that's starring
in this return to the pen,
is a writer of stories
who hides in his den.

One day he was tortured,
a bully smeared him with honey.
But what she didn't know
he just came into money.

The bully he dealt with
once said they should marry,
then pushed him around.
How he dreaded that Carrie.

With the dough he came into
he bought a theme park.
But it wasn't your typical,
this one was dark.

Deep underground
was his hidden base lair.
Had a wall full of monitors
at which he would stare.

On staff at all times
he hired three men.
Scientist chaps,
Larry, Dobie and Ben.

As happened before
they were always at work
Till something bad happened,
'cause one was a jerk.

One day in the theme park
Carrie was eating a scone,
so Ben kidnapped her
and created a clone.

He tried to be secret
but he wasn't too safe,
the clone went missing
when her bindings did chaff.

He realized what happened
when rides started to sink
His Carrie clone project
was another 'Missing Link'.

Our writer friend hero
had no time to act.
But he pooled his resources,
and THAT is a fact!

His two other friends
would help in this cause.
They created a land-shark
and called his name jaws.

The battle commenced
but the clone had to boast,
before it was over
she destroyed the East Coast.

Tragedy was realized,
Dobie perished of course.
On top of all that,
Larry's voice was now hoarse.

Carrie was released
but that wasn't his fault.
So the government forced
all his projects to halt.

The Felony sentence
punished him several ways.
A stiff fine for one,
and no writing for days.

The theme park was closed
officers burnt all the files.
But the stories not done,
Carrie stole all the vials.


This poem is actually a continuation of a set of poems I wrote when I was younger.
The full collection can be found: HERE

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