Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Car Ride

Early morning,
the worlds asleep.
But I am up and ready.

I could sleep in,
turn on my side
and lounge the day away.

I have a date,
so I must flee
it's time for me to ride.

I have no course,
there is is no plan.
Ahead, my only destination.

The air is fresh,
the birds are singing.
As I travel on this lonely road.

Window down,
I feel the brush
of the world passing by.

I sit in silence,
I have no companion.
I do not say a single word.

I like to think,
let my mind wander.
But not of my daily woes.

Time for me,
I'm all alone.
To enjoy my country drive.


*A note on this entry. Though my attempt is to match each new poem with a new photo, I cheated on this photo. This photo was actually taken by a friend of mine, and given to me as a gift in a picture frame. I opted to use this photo because I really like it, and think it's so much better than any photo I could have taken of my actual car. A Toyota is not exactly what I'd call a poem worthy car.


  1. Toyota not poem worthy??? okay..
    I love the classic it is a nice photo, your words and the photo are a perfect mesh.I love country rides, definitely worth rolling out of bed for. Wonderful poem.

  2. Well, certainly not my Toyota if you saw it. ;)

    But your point is valid, anything is really poem worthy. You just have to find the right niche for it.

    Thanks for reading.