Friday, April 20, 2012


'What is this verse?' Some may say.
'Why would you want to write this way?

To some it's just a lot of words,
or morbid dreary raven birds.

But when you look at what is said,
they are thoughts from in my head.

Yes, some are funny as can be,
Which makes sense, because that's me.

Others depressing, you have seen.
who hasn't felt a little green?

I also write 'bout happy times,
things I've seen, all put to rhymes.

And I will write so much more
who knows what else could be in store?

I may write 'bout a sunny day,
the Queen's Market or Paradise Bay

A raindrop poem, which would be swell,
or something local like Pryor Well

What exactly is poetry?
It's all the thoughts inside of me.


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