Monday, April 2, 2012


Time goes on, time continues, time resumes.
While we individually try to evaluate our lives.
At least I do, and I’d like to let you know,
regardless of all the pain I’ve suffered in my life,
and with all my many problems,
all are forgotten when I’m with you.
Yet if you need some time to come to terms
with your life or responsibilities, I’ll let you know
that I’ll wait the time with you. And finally when
you decide the time has come, I’ll be near waiting.

Love is a wonderful thing, laughs at past harms,
mocks the passing of time, and strengthens the inner person.
So for all the good or evil in the world, through all of time,
no matter where we may be, I shall surrender
myself to you. If this is how you think, and if this is what
you feel, if this is what you believe, if this is what
Jehovah allows, may we go forth in all these beliefs.

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