Monday, April 16, 2012

My Inspiration

Not many seem to understand,
why I like to go.
When I want to be inspired,
and searching for a story.
The airport, it is just the place,
to help people get away.
But I don't buy a ticket
something else does instead.
My inspiration comes from those,
walking all about.
Their faces tell me stories
whether true or not.
First I see a couple,
who have been apart to long.
He walks to her straight away,
he does not want to wait.
Also getting off the plane
a family numbering four,
the wife is tired and cranky
and he is stressed and torn.
A student quickly brushes past
he seems to know his way,
though he is travelling by himself
he seems as happy as can be.
One travel is quiet and fretting,
another has lost his phone,
still another looking for his friends
and others the luggage bay.
Why have they arrived
and where do they go?
Is this their first flight
or been travelling for years?
The terminal finally starts to clear
as the passengers have moved on.
Finally the flight crew emerge
possibly staying for just the night.
Everyone has a special tale
no story exactly the same.
I make them up as they go
They are my inspiration.


  1. Nice poem. I can very much relate to this. The airport is an exciting place to be, all the possibilities of destination. But also one of my favorite things to do is people watch. The airport is a great place for that. Usually, when I am at a shopping mall, I take time to sit and watch the people go by, imagining their stories.

  2. I love to people. Last night I was at the airport for just that reason. People watch and search for inspiration. It seems it worked, I was inspired to write a poem about inspiration.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.