Friday, April 27, 2012

Talk To Her

Never have I been so bold,
I've always been so shy.
Crippled ever by my fear,
unlike every other guy.

I saw her glancing my way,
but still I couldn't know,
Was it me she's looking for
and would our friendship grow?

I wondered this through the night,
I just couldn't make my move.
I would greet her, she would laugh,
what ever would that prove?

Then I remembered something,
the famous Jackson sung,
splendid words to keep in mind
to motivate my tongue

"I know I'm gonna know her,
gotta get over my fright,
just gonna walk up to her,
gonna talk to her tonight."

This inspired me to go,
twas then that I did see
she grew tired of waiting
and came to talk to me.


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