Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lonely Heart

From places lost and long forgotten
I seek refuge and a place to hide,
to escape the world around me
thought it’s an empty indulgent ride.

The evil darkness closes in
and I search for that shining light
that once so profusely lit my life
and adjusted matters aright.

The darkness isn’t as frightening
with the arrival of the dooming date
when you, my love, lead on my heart
to corroborate my lasting fate.

I fear the morn' without your touch
oh, much sorrow there that day
to tell a tale of you in peril
any ransom I would pay.

The world is young and so am I
which explains my damaged part,
the sight, a touch, a single kiss
from you... will revive my lonely heart.


Written Circa 1989

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