Friday, March 20, 2009

Quietly She Drowned

She was very well known
for her courage and hope,
well liked and regarded
through tragedy she’d cope.

The day was delightful
so she set out to sail
no company was found,
still her plan wouldn’t fail.

The time on the sea
was going so well,
till the wind started shifting
into a nautical hell.

The boat rocked violently
she tried so in vain,
to settle the vessel
and calming maintain.

The boat took on water
she was knocked from her seat
right into the water
weather demanded defeat.

She grew very tired
her boat now out of reach
yet bravely fought on
she would swim for the beach.

Yet panic set in
her calm started to flee
with the blackness below
and the endless sea.

There now was a cramping
but with all of her might
with each breath of air
she continued to fight.

The water was churning
as the reality grew
she coughed and she spat
for an hour or two.

Her body was lifeless
when she finally was found
the only hope left, was that
quietly she drowned.


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