Thursday, March 12, 2009

G. G. Gee

Great, Glorious, Graceful G.
G is Good and Glad and Golden
Never Gruesome, Grubby or Gloomy

Glamorous, Gracious, Garish G.
G is Generous, Gentle and Genuine
Never Grim, Gainless or Gory

G is Given Grave Generalness
But I Greatly, Gladly, Give it
its Gradual, Gallant, Gaudy
Glories, Galore.

Not too Gabby, Garrulous or
Galling, G is Glibly
Gash and Gawsy.

Grievously, Gratuitous, I Greedily
am Guilty of Giving Graphic
Greatness to the letter G.

I may sound Glumly, Glaiket but
G is Gigantically a Gentle old
Goose, and I love this Gamy
Grand, Great letter G.


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