Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It’s time for bed
all things must be done
kitchen is closed
there is no more fun.

Projects must stop
away to my room
change for the night
to dream of my doom.

Put out of my head
the busy next day
don’t think of the chores
my bed I must lay.

The trouble with Cindy
forgotten for now
won’t think of the problem
though I don’t know how.

The car payment looms
I must check with the bank
how I can pay back
since my finances sank.

This irritable rash
is chaffing my skin
I’ll contact my doctor
and treatment begin.

I must try once again
for slumber to start
why can’t I sleep
and resting take part?

I’m tossing and turning
and laying in bed
wishing I’d drift off
yet awake instead.

With all of my problems
I now have one more
awake all night long
not even one snore.


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