Friday, September 4, 2009

Point / Counterpoint - Blogging

Point - Being a writer, I've found blogging to be a great way to express my feelings to the world either through stories, poems, journal entries or just sarcastic wit. Keeping a blog helps to keep all your written material in one place, online. This way, even if you have no access to your own files at home, you can access them on the internet - as long as you have internet access. Most blogging websites are free to use, have great tools and fairly easy to learn. What better way to share with your friends and family what is going on in your life, what better way to explore what others are up to, what better way to keep your writing skills intact and honed to a sharp point.

Counterpoint - Blogging certainly isn't for everyone. Want to be discovered? Blogging is hardly the way to go unless you are already discovered. Place a drop of water in the ocean and you see what I mean. Sure, you may decide to keep a blog because you just like to write and want to share with whoever, but ask yourself - who is reading it? There's a good bet, not many of your friends give a hoot how you spent your weekend unless you are talking directly to them. Your descriptions and discoveries, as exciting as they may be to you, are typically bland or uneventful. And the occasional reader may well be someone you actually do not want to know how you spent your summer. It' so easy for a writer to put down various aspect they may not normally want to share with others, because they forget other may or may not be reading.

What are your thoughts? Which side do you mostly agree with? Do you have any ideas for future point/counterpoint entries?

Jeffrey Scott

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