Sunday, March 29, 2009


The crisp morning air
was as serene as ever
with the arrival of four
fearless brothers, each very clever.

The garage was to be downed
with the greatest of ease
A task not to large,
but not easy, if you please.

John was the backbone
the head of the gang,
leading the rest
putting him in much pang.

Ernie was calm
as everyone knew.
he had all the answers
he knew what to do.

Jeff and Mike were the
demolition team,
kicking in walls
and the huge support beam.

At 6:30 sharp the
work did commence
the first to go down
was the ugly old fence.

With that they went
to the gruesome task,
downing the garage
unveiling the mask.

Over the night
the rubble did lay,
as Ernie and Jeff
dug up the Earth, I relay.

The next day was the job
of cleaning the lot,
the garage was now downed
leaving nothing to rot.

And that ends this tale
of the garage that came down,
an eyesore was removed
from this quaint little town.


1 comment:

  1. Sorry, but I'm grabbing this from many, many years ago. Back in school I helped a friends father demolish an old 'garage' (shed) to make way for a new one. I wrote this after the experience. Looking back now, I see it has much work to be done on it. Perhaps I should make a few changes? There is something in the back of my mind that keeps telling me that poetry should be written once and left alone, so I'm of two minds when it comes to revising poetry.