Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A is for April

R.a.n.t. of day 04/01/15
April is a month that, for many people, starts as a joke. Jokes imply good humour and levity. But I would rather find fault. Finding fault is not humorous, but it's what I do best. In April, Spring is just starting out. As any good Wisconsinite knows, that means the weather is unpredictable. What will April bring us this year? Snow on the 30th? Showers mid-month? Sunny and soothing 55° next week? It's all possible, every day in April. Now you may call me a fool, but I swear one day in Wisconsin a few years back we had all three weather conditions happen on the same day.

April also reminds me of a co-worker I had many years ago. The month of April reminds me of her because her name was April. Duh. None of the women in the office liked her much because she treated everyone like they worked for her. She was actually a new employee so this attitude confounded me and angered the ladies. She was also running to the bathroom every half hour to adjust her make-up and spritz on more perfume. She talked endlessly about her rich boyfriend, as if she were trying to impress us or something. She only lasted a few months and left mid May. The day after she left, I brought in doughnuts for everyone and put up a sign declaring it was 'April-Fest in May'. I think I got a written warning for that one, but everyone laughed at my joke so it was worth it.

Some questions for discussion:
What's the craziest weather you've endured?
Who was the most obnoxious person you've had to deal with?
What's the worst joke ever played on you?

No, the events above were not a joke. They are absolutely true, to the best of my recollection.


  1. Eep. So I guess you don't like this month much, huh? April is one of my favorite months. Mostly because it's my birth month. :)

    1. I don't ultimately hate April, but it is my job to find something to complain about.

  2. April is one of my favorite months, because my daughter was born on April 1. And yes, her doctor did say, "It's a boy!" then said, "no April Fools, it's a girl". I love a good joke, but after 30 hours of labor I wanted to slap him. LOL (true story) (kg)

  3. That's hilarious. You may have been grumpy then, but you have fond memories now.

  4. Hello there.
    Oh my...sounds very much like someone I used to work with years ago when I lived in England, except for the rich boyfriend. I hope you enjoyed those doughnuts!

    Entrepreneurial Goddess

    1. I was younger then. My metabolism was higher. So I'm sure I enjoyed quite a few.