Wednesday, April 15, 2015

M is for Music

R.a.n.t. of day 04/15/15
Why would I r.a.n.t. about music? Maybe because there is not enough time in the day to listen to everything I enjoy. I'm a music chameleon, if there is such a thing. I listen to a lot and there is a vast diversity I listen to and love.

Another reason to r.a.n.t. is because listening to my favourite tunes in the store makes me want to dance. I don't want to dance in the store. People will see me dancing and I'll end up on youtube for sure.

The final reason to dislike music is because I've suddenly become a collector of CD's and I'm quickly running out of room. What's a guy to do? I have so much music in fact, I've created a cheat list of all the albums and artists I own and keep that list on my phone. (Actually I keep it everywhere via dropbox). This has become a necessity when I check out a second hand store and browse their CD's because I'm always forgetting what I already own. There have been a few time I've picked something up, only to realize later I already own it.

So today, in honour of the months A-Z theme. I've decided to list (as many as I can) a selection of the CD's I own in alphabetical order. (One small shelf is seen above in the r.a.n.t. photo). And because it's ABC themed, I've included a song from the Barenaked Ladies at the end of this r.a.n.t. Hope you enjoy.

Adele and Art of Noise
Soundtrack - Armageddon
Favourite Album name - A Users Guide (They Might Be Giants)

Blondie and Billie Piper
Soundtrack - Breakfast Club
Favourite Album Name - Breakfast in America (Supertramp)

Cranberries and Captain & Tennille
Soundtrack - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Favourite Album Name - Call me Irresponsible (Michael Bublé)

David Bowie and Diana Krall
Soundtrack - Doctor Who - 50th Anniversary Collection
Favourite Album Name - Drunken Lullabies (Flogging Molly)

Eagles and Escala
Favourite Album Name - Explosive (Bond)

Fleetwood Mac and Fuse
Soundtrack - Footloose
Favourite Album Name - Fools Fantasy (Martha Berner)

Genesis and Gaelic Storm
Soundtrack - Groundhog Day
Favourite Album Name - Genius Loves Company (Ray Charles)

Huey Lewis and the News and Holly Cole
Soundtrack -Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1
Favourite Album Name - Harpers Bazaar (Sarah Marie Mullen)

Ingrid Michaelson and Information Society
Favourite Album Name - In Hi-Fi Stereo (Mindi Abair)

Journey and Jessy J
Soundtrack - Jurrasic Park
Favourite Album Name - Just Push Play (Aerosmith)

Kenny Rogers and Kylie Minogue
Favourite Album Name - Kick (INXS)

Lady Antebellum and Leo Sayer
Soundtrack - Lost Boys
Favourite Album Name - Licensed to Ill (Beastie Boys)

Moody Blues and Marina & the Diamonds
Soundtrack - Men In Black
Favourite Album Name - Money For Nothing (Dire Straits)

No Doubt and Natalie Macmaster
Favourite Album Name - Naked and True (Randy Crawford)

One Republic and Oingo Boingo
Favourite Album Name - Out of the Blue (Debbie Gibson)

P!nk and Pet Shop Boys
Soundtrack - Parenthood (TV Series)
Favourite Album Name - Pocket Full of Kryptonite (Spin Doctors)

Queen and Quiet Riot
Soundtrack - Quantum Leap
Favourite Album Name - Quiet Nights (Diana Krall)

Red Hot Chili Peppers and Run DMC
Soundtrack - Run Lola Run
Favourite Album Name - Return of Bruno (Bruce Willis)

Styx and Spice Girls
Soundtrack - Star Trek: DS9
Favourite Album Name - Saxuality (Candy Dulfer)

Tom Petty and 'Til Tuesday
Soundtrack - Tomb Raider
Favourite Album Name - Two For the Road (Dave Grusin)

U2 and UB40
Soundtrack - UHF
Favourite Album Name - Up Your Alley (Joan Jett)

Van Halen and Vitamin C
Favourite Album Name - Violator (Depeche Mode)

Weezer and Weird Al Yankovic
Soundtrack - Wedding Singer
Favourite Album Name - What Up Dog? (Was Not Was)

Soundtrack - None, but if I found one it would be X-Files
Favourite Album Name - None
(We need more artists starting with X)

Favourite Album Name - You're the One (Paul Simon)

ZZ Top and Zoë Keating

Some questions for discussion:
Do you own any of the above?
What's your favourite album?
Who can name the knick-knacks on my shelf?
Ever been caught dancing or singing to your favourite song?

Lyrics for the Barenaked Ladies - ABC's

Hey Steve, hey Ed, that sounds nice, what is it?
Thank you, it's a, it's an alphabet song I'm working on.
Oh great, a whole new alphabet, I just learned the old one.

A is for aisle, B is for bdellium, C is for czar.
And if you see him would you mind telling him?

Okay, hang on a second, yeah aisle, bdellium?
Yeah, aisle like a, like a theatre, alright, okay and bdellium?
Bdellium, it's a gum like tree resin, it starts with a silent B.
And then czar? Yeah, it's uh like a Russian czar.

You know everybody knows apple, ball and cat.
I wanted to get into some, you know some stranger words.
Right, I see what you're doing.

D is for djinn, E for Euphrates.
F is for fohn, but not like when I call the ladies.

I thought phone started with a P like a P.H.
No, it's F O H N, it's a, it's a kind of wind.
Yeah, I know what you mean by wind.

G for gnarly, I for irk, H is for hour.
J for jalapeños, good in either corn or flour...
tortillas. Let us rhyme.

K is for knick knack, L is for llama.
Pramma, llama, ding, what's so strange about llama?
Llama, it starts with two L's, what's the second one for?
No idea. I know loser.

M for mnemonic, N is for ndomo, O is for ouiga board.
P for pneumonia, pterodactyl and psychosis, Q is for qat.

Okay, Q qat? What? Yeah, it's uh Q A T, it's an evergreen shrub.
It's a perfect scrabble word because it's a Q with no U.
There's not many of those, you have too much time on your hands.

R is for argyle. No it isn't.
Okay, you're right, I couldn't find a good R word.
S is for Saar, a lovely German river.
T for tsunami, a wave that makes me quiver.

U is for urn, but not like earning money.
V for vraisemblance from French and therefore kind of funny.

W for wren, wrinkly and who.
X is for Xian, an ancient Chinese city, true.
Ancient Chinese city, huh? My guitar player, some hotshot.

Y is for yiperite, a very nasty gas.
And zed's the final letter and by final I mean last.

Okay, when you say zed for the benefit of our American friends,
you really mean Z, right?
No, I mean zed, like, like Zed Zed Top, Zed Zed Top?

Yeah, you know the guys with the big long beards.
Well, except the guy whose name is Beard, he has a mustache.
I always thought that was interesting.

You done with the alphabet?
No, extra letters I haven't heard of? I think so.
This was a great help, I think.
With the contribution you made to world literacy.

Well, I'm just saying, kids I'm just saying.
Think outside the box a little bit, box with an R.
Yeah, well, no box with a B A L K S like a pitcher.
Ah, as opposed to B A C H S.

Right, think outside the box, get into some Rochmaninov.
That's Rochmaninov with a W.


  1. I LOVE music! I listen to what I'm in the mood for. I don't buy many CD's anymore unless I really, really love the songs on it and the artist. The last one I bought was Sia's 1000 Forms of Fear.

    You have good taste in music.

    I never knew all the words to the Barenaked Ladies's song. Thanks for adding the lyrics! :)

    1. Thanks for checking out the list. It's so varied, I have to have at least ONE CD that anyone reading should probably find interesting.
      I've always loved that song. So original. And yes, I use QAT on scrabble all the time after hearing it on this song. :)

  2. I used to listen to music all.the.time. and now I don't. Songs tend to get stuck in my head if I listen to too much anymore, and I mean STUCK. Like, tunes waking me at 3 am just to go in circles in my head. So I've toned down my listening and that has helped. But we own some of these, and have just as much room as you do for them! Like your idea of listing where you can always get to it... Lisa, co-host AtoZ 2015, @

    1. Never had much of a problem with earworms. But there are a few exceptions, usually the 'catchy' songs I hate to listen to but are on the radio non stop. That's when I turn to my own CD collection. I could listen to all the songs I own once and never hear the same song for about three weeks if played straight through.

  3. Its great when you put on the right track and it hits the spot. Great AtoZ list. I still get a buzz out of reliving my blur days. Rock on brother!

    1. Party on Garth! (Wayne's World a new Soundtrack I just picked up).

  4. I'd watch you on YouTube. and make you go VIRAL! Great list,

    1. I actually have a youtube channel where a friend and I have performed some unique skits. We play a couple of food professionals writing about cooking.

  5. I own almost every Yes and Van Halen album. Not many soundtracks though.
    We own over a thousand CDs. Thank God for iTunes, because I would not have room for the hundreds more I've downloaded.

    1. I have over 500 actual CD's and running out of room. Not sure where I'd put 1,000.

  6. You're my kind of music lover. I've got music all over my house in LPs, cassettes, CD's, DVD, Videos, and even still a few 8 track cartridges. I actually don't listen to music as much as I used to, but I still love it. And I love all kinds. Musical diversity is where I've been at all my life.

    This is a fantastic A to Z post. It's got all the elements of what this Challenge is all about.

    Hope you can make it over to vote on my Battle of the Bands post for April 15. The link is below.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Glad you liked the post. And I love you BOTB feature. Maybe one day, I'll do that here.

    2. I hope you do because you'd probably have a lot to add to it. If you do, let us know so we can add you to the list.

      Arlee Bird
      A to Z Challenge Co-host
      Tossing It Out

  7. This brought me to outright laughter. I, too, love a wandering genre of music. But, after years of collecting LPs, CDs, and the like, I ceased purchasing them. I also never forgot which album I owned.
    But, books- I need to have the same list you do- because I never remember the name of the book I already read.... until i am 1/3 of the way through re-reading it!
    BTW, don't worry about dancing in the music shop- they've already posted the YouTube of you perusing their aisles!

    1. It's amazing what the mind does and does not recall. Even when it comes to things we truly enjoy. Those should be the things we never forget about.

  8. Hello there.
    Oh my, you're taking me back down memory lane with some of these artists - David Bowie, Blondie, Leo Sayer (loved his 'fro), UB40 (the best!), Queen. And I definitely see a cricket ball...we Brits love our cricket!

    Entrepreneurial Goddess

    1. Yes, when I was in London I watched a match at the Lord's Cricket Grounds. Bought a sweater there and a cricket ball. One day, I want to buy a good cricket bat and maybe try to get a game going in the states.