Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Reviewing My Reviews

Guess what? It's my 10th anniversary on blogger!!!
And since I've been talking about reviving a review feature, I thought it would be apropos to review the eclectic collection of reviews I've written over the past 10 years.

I will be critiquing my own previous writings in three areas. Information, Entertainment & General Interest. For the most part, these are all blog posts that have had little to no attention on my blog, so links to the original posts will be provided. And no; I don't for a minute expect anyone to click and read all the links. However, I do hope each reader will find at least one link that interests them enough to check out and leave a thought. Maybe you want to read the review I rated the highest? Or the one I gave the lowest score to. Perhaps you'd like to see how well I reviewed music CD's or check out an odd 'talk show' type entry I made which included a review. Whatever your reason, perhaps you will look into at least one. I'd consider it a 10th anniversary present.

After each review, I have assigned a "Rant Rating". The lower the score, the more I should rant about how awful the review actually was. And now, without further ado...
Did I say this was an eclectic collection? Hoo Boy!

TV: Commercial Review
Superb Owl 50 Review
02/08/16 R.a.n.t. of month February, 2016
This was more a collection of funny TV commercials featured in the popular televised game, and less an actual review of each commercial. Still, this post featured the one and only appearance of Horace the official Jeffrey Scott blog mascot. Perhaps I should bring him back at some point.
Information: 2/10 (None provided by myself personally).
Entertainment: 4/10 (The Superb Owl joke never gets old).
General Interest: 4/10 (Most of the ads are still relevant today).
Rant Rating - 33%

Super Bowl 48 Review
02/02/14 R.a.n.t. of week 02/02/14
My first collection of choice commercials. Personally, I found these more entertaining than the ones from the Superb Owl 50 review. However, I still didn't really 'review' them per se. I did however give a quick cynical recap of the game, but not much more.
Information: 4/10 (A higher rating since I DID recap the game).
Entertainment: 4/10 (Nothing unique was really added beyond the ads).
General Interest: 5/10 (Slightly higher since I added the game scores).
Rant Rating - 43%

Order Now, Operators Are Standing By
05/18/08  After being told I should watch commercials, I decided to review a block of them. You know, just to see what I was missing. Turns out, I wasn't missing a lot. The article was written rather tongue in cheek, though did try to be honest.
Information: 6/10 (Went into detail describing each commercial).
Entertainment: 2/10 (Think watching commercials is boring)?
General Interest: 6/10 (I think almost everyone hates commercials. So we should all relate).
Rant Rating - 46%

TV: Program Review
The Coffee Klatch - Episode I
02/04/11 - I had an interesting idea for a new blog feature in 2011. A sort of "talk-show" blog post. My hopes was to have interviews, reviews, music, cartoons and general sort of chit chat. In my debut (of only two episodes) I review a few of my favourite TV shows for the week.I've often considered retooling this idea and bringing it back.
Information: 5/10 (I give information about myself and a few shows I watch).
Entertaiment: 6/10 (A cartoon is provided, a music video and a self interview).
General Interest: 5/10 (Not everyone is into what I'm into. Still, I tried).
Rant Rating - 53%

Music: CD Review
CD Review: Thisbe Vos - "Shophistication"
03/27/12 I discovered Thisbe Vos and promptly wrote a review of her (then) new CD. I think my writing style had vastly improved by the time I wrote this. I review more of the songs on a personal level and keep the additional information abridged.
Information: 7/10 (Information about the CD is great, but I don't have links to her social media).
Entertainment: 8/10 (I personally think it's one of my most well written reviews).
General Interest: 7/10 (If you like jazz of any sort, you should like this.
Rant Rating - 73%

CD Review: Jessy J - "Hot Sauce"
02/16/12 Not to be confused with Jessie J, this CD review was an interesting read. Lots of person opinions about the CD, but then again who wouldn't in a review? I highlight my track favourites and give much information on where to find Jessy J, and who have contributed to the album.
Information: 8/10 (Lots of contributing artist information).
Entertainment: 7/10 (If you like jazz CD reviews, I think you'll like this one).
General Interest: 7/10 (A versatile CD and a versatile review).
Rant Rating - 73%

CD Review: Martha Berner - "Fools Fantasy"
01/22/12 Once upon a time a local radio DJ appreciated my photography enough to invite me to a live recording she was doing for a local cable access program. After the photo shoot and interview was completed, I received a free demo of the CD. So I decided to review it. Upon rereading the review, I was impressed with how well I tried to give the flavour of the CD to all my readers. I also included a few of the photos I took during the photo shoot. I was very proud of this review.
Information: 9/10 (Links to all her social media were included. Along with some background and a link to the photo shoot I did).
Entertainment: 8/10 (An endearing description of the music, if a bit long winded).
General Interest: 8/10 (I think this is a CD everyone can find at least one song to their liking).
Rant Rating - 83%

CD Review: Diana Krall - "Steppin Out"
12/16/11 A year after my first music review, I decided I needed to review the first album from my favourite jazz artist. Is my review somewhat biased? Perhaps, but I highlight the songs, give credit to the songs inspirations and original artists. Still no numeric rating system, though I do describe which I like, and which I feel others may enjoy.
Information: 10/10 (I also give credit to those who perform with her).
Entertainment: 9/10 (The honest review and photos make it worth reading).
General Interest: 8/10 (Not everyone enjoys jazz. But give it a try).
Rant Rating - 90%

CD Revew: Fuse - Debut Album
06/23/10 I consider this my first proper music review. Though I don't give a numerical rating, I do, however, rave about the artists and the music.
Information: 9/10 (Most people, I think, are unfamiliar with all the info provided).
Entertainment: 7/10 (For an older post, I think it's very well written).
General Interest: 6/10 (Who doesn't like music)?
Rant Rating - 73%

Music: DVD Review
Bond Live at the Royal Albert Hall
05/28/11 This quartet is my favourite electric string group. So, I had a lot of fun re-watching and writing about this DVD. Not only do I let everyone know exactly what I love about the DVD, I try to be fair and give some critical thoughts as well. Certainly a well-rounded review.
Information: 7/10 (Once again identify group members, but leave no social media links).
Entertainment: 8/10 (I think it's entertaining to read both positive and negative points).
General Interest: 7/10 (Concert DVD's are not for everyone, but I think you would like it).
Rant Rating - 73%

Gaming: Online Game Review
The Coffee Klatch - Episode 2
12/11/11 This review was on the second episode of a failed 'blog talk show' format I tried to use. Ignoring the rest of the post, you'll find a short couple of paragraphs of a recent game I was playing on my Playstation 3. A nice short review, if you are into this kind of thing.
Information: 3/10 (Basic general information).
Entertainment: 4/10 (Describe how I best like to play the game).
General Interest: 3/10 (I think most people will not be interested).
Rant Rating - 33%

Pictures: Funny Picture
Elephantiasis of the Mouth
06/02/08 I called this entry a review, though really it's a fake story based on a funny picture. The story is thankfully, very short. All data has been faked, but that shouldn't surprise you considering it's a fake story.
Information: 1/10 (Hard to say anything is informative if it's make believe).
Entertainment: 5/10 (There is a 50/50 chance you may find this funny).
General Interest: 2/10 (Possibly funny, possibly offensive if someone suffers from elephantiases).
Rant Raiting - 26%

The Beer Store
05/13/08 The first of (mercifully) only two picture reviews. Perhaps something more could be done with a fake picture review, though I'm not exactly sure what.
Information: 1/10 (Make fictitious places and people).
Entertainment: 4/10 (There is a 50/50 chance you may find this offensive).
General Interest: 1/10 (Not that funny and the photo is not very clear).
Rant Rating - 20%

Locations: Super Markets
Metro Market
05/22/08 I wrote a lot of weird stuff when I first started blogging. Case in point, my review of a local grocery store. Like most of my early blog posts, it was fairly brief.
Information: 2/10 (I didn't really describe much about the store).
Entertainment: 1/10 (I can't see how anyone would have found this entertaining).
General Interest: 2/10 (If you are local, you might be interested. If not, probably not).
Rant Rating - 16%

Locations: Restaurants
Highland Park Pies and Café
05/16/08 This was the first serious review that started it all. I tried to be informative and brief. I also strived to give readers a small demonstration of what it was like through my description and included photo.
Information: 6/10
Entertainment: 4/10 (If you like restaurant reviews, this might work for you).
General Interest: 5/10 (I think most people like to check out places others have reviewed. Whether they plan to visit it or not).
Rant Rating - 50%

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