Thursday, October 29, 2009

Writing Month A Success!

As some of you may know, this past month I was engaged in a writing challenge. I made it my goal for each day to write either a poem, short story or article. It has been a great month and I've been on goal. I finished the last of my stories on Tuesday. Wednesday have been my Biggest Loser recaps and I will continue to do them into the next month, so no worries there (if you read and/or enjoy). With three days left in my writing challenge I was going to write a three part story but due to lack of interest in the project and to gear myself up for November, which I have declared to be my fitness month, I've decided to write three articles to finish the month. I've actually been looking forward to November for several reasons. The biggest reason is with all the writing I've been doing, my exercise and diet have taken a terrible turn for the worse, especially the last two weeks where I really didn't watch what I was eating. I've been up to all hours of the night to get my writing done and I think it's taken it's toll. I'm starting to feel awful and know the reason why. Not taking care of what I'm putting into my body is having a drastic effect. But I stuck to my goal and I'm proud of myself for that. That's how I got the idea for a fitness goal. Knowing how dedicated I become to something once I'm focused I've got high hopes this Fitness month I'll be able to lose at least 20 pounds. That is my goal for the month. To keep me on task, I've devised a few rules I'm going to try and stick to. Following is the list, which I'll explain more in detail in tomorrows article.

No coffee - only Milk / Water
No Alcohol
30 minutes of exercise daily
Breakfast: Fruit, oatmeal, WW English Muffin...
Lunch: Sandwich, fruit...
Dinner: lean meat, serving of vegetables.
10:00 bedtime - up at 6:00 for exercise.
No fast food. Exception (Subway)
Snacking will be limited to popcorn, dairy, or WW snacks.
One vitamin a day.

I'm willing to bet I can do this. I'll appreciate all the help I receive from my family and friends.

For those following this blog, the rest of my fitness articles and results will be posted on my other blog. You can read it here:

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dead and Buried

When I finally leave this world,
I really want it said,
‘That’s a guy I really miss
I wish he wasn’t dead.’

‘He always was so busy,
had many things to do,
I’m not sure that I could handle
all that he went through’.

‘He always strived to do what’s right,
helped others when he could,
would give the shirt right off his back,
really did more than he should’

Yes all will really miss me,
much mourning when I die,
I bet the men will all be choked,
and the women will all cry.

Nothing bad could be proclaimed,
after my fateful ride,
I kind of wish that I’ll be there
the day after I have died.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Carrot Sticks & Cottage Cheese

When you think of healthy food
are you limited with picks?
Do you think of something bland
like many carrot sticks?

With all the food within your home
you trash it all but peas.
Snacking foods you dare not have
except for cottage cheese.

But did you know you can have
food other than your veggies?
Even treats you thought taboo
like pizza or warm cookies?

The trick is moderation
just a little at a time.
Healthy food, then something sweet
you'll find it's not a crime.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fight For It!

When you're feeling tired,
who wants to go work out?
'cause getting to the gym,
is like a title bout.

All activities I have done,
knock me out every day.
My motivations waning,
it's such a sad display.

Punching through the wall,
Can be a nifty trick.
Start with something simple,
then harder I can pick.

As I then, continue on,
though sweating I may be,
the fight is so much better,
stress has been set free.

Equipped with strong willpower,
just like a boxing glove.
When I’m feeling tired,
Working out is what I love.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Round of Shape

When I was two and twenty,
I couldn’t understand.
How people got so overweight,
and blamed it on a gland.

Do they have no self respect
or care how they are seen?
Certainly never eating well,
or any food that’s lean

When I was two and thirty,
I woke one day to find.
I weighed more than I ever was,
embarrassed in my mind.

How did I become this way,
I couldn’t understand.
Would I succumb to guilt and shame
or on my fitness I demand?

Now I am two and forty,
no longer have to hide.
Through hard work and perseverance,
I’m on the winning side.

The journey isn’t easy,
took everything I got.
With eating well and exercise,
and snacking, not a lot.

If you are two and twenty,
take this warning to heart.
Don’t criticize the ‘round of shape’,
lest you become a part.

And those of two and thirty,
awake with shock and shame.
Remember I have lost it all,
and you can do the same.