Friday, April 1, 2011

And Then…

It was a quiet and lonely night
As I closed my eyes in thought
Feeling the rush of wind on my face
And then I was scared no more

I was calm and my body went limp
Remembering the joy of youth
All was safe and I was happy
And then I remembered school

I was awkward and dysfunctional
But my friends were just as much
We were ready to take the world
And then I remembered Melinda

Had an embarrassing crush on her
She was my love and desire
But it was false and unrequited
And then I remembered Mary

Our wedding was delightful
Found someone who wanted me
Willing to give her all I could
And then realized it was a scam

And then I remembered all the fights
And then I remembered when she left
And then remembered what I had done
And then I hit the ground

J.A. Scott